Anna Krowczynska
Anna Krowczynska

1953 - 2014
Longtime board member and aquarium volunteer... She will be missed

Upcoming Meetings
Speaker schedule subject to change without notice

Wednesday, May 18th, 2016, 6:30 pm.
Vin Malkoski - New England fish and Shellfish regulartions for divers
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One of the unique experiences of New England diving is catching lobsters. At the May General Meeting, Vin Malkoski will go over all the laws and regulations straight from the Division of Marine Fisheries. It's a great way to find out what you can and can't catch, and learn some of the techniques from your fellow divers!

Vin is a Senior Marine Fisheries Biologist for the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries. Current duties include horseshoe crab management and research, ghost gear studies, PCB fisheries monitoring, and scientific diving. Relative to the meeting, Vin has been a New England diver for 35 years and an active diving instructor for 27 years. A member of the Boston Sea Rovers and the Board of Directors of the Bay State Council, Vin has produced and assisted in the development of several guides for divers diving in Massachusetts and harvesting local seafood, particularly the prized American lobster.

Wednesday, June 15th, 2016, 6:30 pm.
John Hanzl - Dealing with Decompression Sickness: The John Hanzl Story
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Wednesday, July 20th, 2016, 6:30 pm.
Andrew Martinez - Ambon: Critter Paradise
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General Meetings are held the third Wednesday of each month, at the New England Aquarium Conference Center (located on the first floor of the Harbor Garage). Click here for directions

At each general meeting there will be the monthly drawing for a chance to have a hands on aquarium experience.

For directions and more info about all our meetings, visit our Club Meetings Page

NEADC Great Annual Fish Count

Registration is now open for the 15th Annual GAFC!

Each year, the New England divers turn out in record numbers to help researchers by surveying fish populations, and you can help count fish and win prizes! This is done by identifying what marine life you see on a dive. After the dive, we gather at Stage Fort Park in Gloucester, for raffle prizes and a BBQ!

What is the GAFC?

Register for the GAFC

You must register and submit a survey in order to be eligible for the raffle prizes, and only one raffle entry per diver. Dives up to a week prior to the event will count for a raffle entry.

GAFC Webpage

Volunteers needed for the GAFC and other events

We are always looking for volunteers to help out with our events. Whether it's introducing divers to the club at Sea Rovers, or helping set up food at the GAFC or Tropical Fish Rescue, our events succeed by the hard working volunteers.

It's a great chance to meet and talk with other divers and we always have a great group of people helping out. If you're interested in helping out at any of our events (especially the upcoming GAFC and Tropical Fish Rescue), let Uma know

REEF Fishinars

REEF produces live online seminars for fish identification. They have one this month on some of the rarer fish in New England waters:

The Northeast's Less Frequently Seen Fish

Fish can sometimes few and far between in the waters of the Northeast. These are ones you might not ever see! Cunner not welcome!!

Thursday, May 26th, 2016, 8 - 9pm Eastern time - REGISTER
Instructor: Janna Nichols and Jason Feick
Webinar ID: 147-727-443

Also in the archive are identification guides for last year's Fish and Invertebrate guides:

Get a Backbone! Common invertebrates of New England

The Northeast's Finest Fish

The NEADC also hosts their own identification guides based on REEF's cirriculum:

NEADC Events

World Oceans Day at NEAq (06/05)
World Oceans Day is a time to celebrate the efforts of our entire community in protecting the blue planet. The New England Aquarium is inviting the public to a family-friendly festival that showcases the conservation efforts of community groups and organizations. Enjoy hands-on, family-friendly activities, seafood cooking demos, tastings and more. And learn how you can help protect the oceans, too!
NEAq's World Oceans Day Website

NEADC's 15th Great Annual Fish Count (07/23)
For the past 15 years we have organized divers, clubs and organizations into what is consistantly the largest single-day fish count in the country.While they are underwater, divers count what fish and invertebrates they see, and report that information to REEF. This data is the used by scientists and policy-makers around the world!
GAFC Website

NEADC's Tropical Fish Rescue and Club BBQ (9/24) -
Every year juvenile fish from warmer waters travel north with the currents. Rhode island is the best place to spot them and every year he have a BBQ, and see what we can spot. It's a great chance to see the colorful tropical fish without leaving New England.
Tropical Fish Rescue

BSC's 31st Annual Treasure Hunt (9/18)
The Bay State Council of Divers will be holding it's 31st Annual Treasure Hunt on Sunday Sept 18th at Stage Fort Park in Gloucester, MA. Check out their website for more information:

New England Diving Events calendar

North Shore Frogmen Meeting (05/19/16)
Speaker: Annette Spaulding - Searching for Petroglyphs

United Divers of Central Mass Monthly meeting (05/19/16)
Speaker: Wrecks of the Palmer and Crary with Jeff Goodreau.

REEF Fishinar (05/26/16)
The Northeast's Less Frequently Seen Fish LIVE Webinar

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