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November 20, 2019, 6:30 pm.
Nicholas Ray - Changing oyster populations and coastal biogeochemistry in New England
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Oyster farm
Humans have dramatically changed the biogeochemistry and ecology of coastal ecosystems. The addition of excess nitrogen and phosphorus to coastal systems through sewage discharge, fertilizer runoff, and atmospheric depositions has driven an increase in eutrophication, the formation of harmful algal blooms and dead zones, and reduced the productivity of valuable fisheries. Concurrent with enhanced coastal nutrient loading, humans have decimated shellfish populations in due to overharvest, pollution, and the introduction of invasive species. Today, oyster reefs – once a dominant feature along many coastlines – have been reduced by 85% of their historic range globally. As filter-feeders, dense populations of oysters can regulate the biogeochemistry and ecology of coastal ecosystems, thus efforts to restore oyster habitat and develop the oyster aquaculture industry may help to remediate the impacts of excess nitrogen and phosphorus. Recently, New York City is attempting to return 1 billion oysters to the waters surrounding the city by 2035, and oyster aquaculture is practiced on every continent except Antarctica, with total global harvest of oysters raised in aquaculture exceeding 5438 million tonnes in 2016 – an 8% increase since 2014, yet the biogeochemical and ecological impacts of these changing populations remains unclear. My research is focused on how oysters influence coastal biogeochemistry, whether they can be used to help remove excess nutrients from coastal ecosystems, and the effect of changing oyster populations on future ecology and biogeochemical sustainability in New England estuaries.

Nick is a Ph.D. student at Boston University advised by Dr. Robinson Fulweiler. He is broadly interested in ecosystem ecology and biogeochemistry, and his dissertation research is focused on how changes in oyster populations due to restoration and the growth of the oyster aquaculture industry will impact the biogeochemistry and ecology of coastal waters in New England.

December 18, 2019, 6:30 pm.
Member Share Event - Annual Members Share Event
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General Meetings are held the third Wednesday of each month, at the New England Aquarium Conference Center (located on the first floor of the Harbor Garage). Click here for directions

At each general meeting there will be the monthly drawing for a chance to have a hands on aquarium experience.

For directions and more info about all our meetings, visit our Club Meetings Page


There are several underwater organizations offering scholarships and internships to high school students interested in careers involving the ocean. Let me know if I missed any:

Boston Sea Rovers Summer Internship - Deadline November 15, 2019.

Our World Underwater/Rolex Scholarship and internships - Deadline 15 January 15th, 2020.

Women Divers Hall of Fame - Deadline October 31st, 2019

Beneath the Sea Marine Career Scholarships - Deadline December 31st 2019

Ocean Exploration Trust Undergraduate or Graduate student internships - Deadline January 24, 2020

Ocean Exploration Trust Science Communication Fellowship for informal and formal educators - Deadline January 10, 2020

Tropical Fish Rescue recap

TropicalFish RescueThank you to everyone who joined us last Saturday for our annual Tropical Fish Rescue! We had a great turnout, and several divers even got to take home some tropical fish for their home aquariums.

Tropical Fish Group


Tropical Fish

Tropical Fish

More pictures are up on Facebook and our Scrapbook page!

The tropicals will still be in the area until the water gets cold, so keep an eye out when diving on the south shore! For more information visit the Tropical Fish Rescue page.

New England Diving Events Calendar

SECONN Divers 11th Annual Underwater Pumpkin Carving Contest (10/19)

Bay State Council of Divers Meeting (10/23)
BSC Website

United Divers of Central Mass (10/24)
Speaker: Dr. Calvin Mires (Bridgewater State University) Underwater Archeology
UDCM Website

South Shore Neptunes Club Meeting (11/05)
SSN Website

MetroWest Diveclub Meeting (11/08)
Speaker: Paul Young: Diving in Bali/Komodo
MWDC Website

South Eastern Connecticut Dive Club Meeting (11/12)
SECONN Dive Club Website

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