About our Club

Club Officers and Contact info

Voicemail: (617) 973-0240

President Uma Mirani president@neadc.org
Vice President Michael Prange vicepresident@neadc.org
Business Manager Julia Cichowski business@neadc.org
Program Director Joy Marzolf programs@neadc.org
Boat Dive Coordinator Brie Levitan boatdive@neadc.org
Shore Dive Coordinator Dan Sprague shoredive@neadc.org
Secretary Beth Nerney secretary@neadc.org
Newsletter Editor Catherine Chan-Tse newsletter@neadc.org
Membership Director Bob Munson membership@neadc.org
Environmental Affairs Maura Keane environmental@neadc.org
Webmaster Steven Whitford webmaster@neadc.org

Postal Mailbox:   New England Aquarium Dive Club, Inc.
Central Wharf,
Boston, MA 02110

Club officers are elected at the November General meeting each year. The positions are open to any dive club member with a current membership. The duties involved in each position are listed in the Bi-Laws.