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Northern Atlantic Dive Expeditions

Captain: Heather Knowles and David Caldwell
Boat: Gauntlet
Home Port: Salem, MA
Phone: (617) 480-5261
Web Site:

Current Schedule is found at:

Northern Atlantic Dive Expeditions operate year-round and offer all types of diving, but mainly focus on wreck diving. The boat is available for any type of diving though - recreational, technical, wreck or other! We are available for lobstering, scalloping, reef diving, night diving, etc. We welcome groups, individuals and classes. Charters can be private, whole boat charters if desired, or you can just sign up individually.

Charters are $75 per person for a scheduled half-day local charter. Non-local or full day trips are subject to trip-specific pricing. Whole boat charter for private groups is available. Given the instability in the price of diesel fuel, we re-evaluate our rates on July 1, 2013.

All divers who participate in charters aboard GAUNTLET earn points applied to the Gauntlet Privateer Diver Program. No need to enroll!

Updated May 2015