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Dive Club Calendar

2014 NEADC Boat Dive Schedule

The NEADC, through the boat dive coordinator charters several boats each year for club use.  These are often popular dives that sell out quickly. These boat dives are a great chance to go on some great dives with other club members.

To reserve a place on a boat dive, divers must pre-pay for the dive.  Dives that are canceled by the boat operator will be refunded in full.  Divers who miss the dive will not be refunded unless they find an alternate diver who also pays in advance.

Keep in mind that the charter price does not include tanks or other equipment rental. Some (but not all) boat operators have rental gear, and you must contact them to arrange it directly.

Some boat dives require advanced certification.  The website will indicate that advanced certification is required.  Divers who sign up must have advanced certification for these dives or will be denied access to the boat without refund.

The role of the boat dive coordinator is to arrange the logistics of the dive.  The Boat Dive Coordinator is not responsible for personal injuries incurred by any person during a Club dive, nor is NEADC, nor the New England Aquarium Corporation. Each person is responsible for his or her own safety.

As interest grows in boat dives, we can schedule as many or as few as the club will support.  New ideas for boat operators or dive locations are welcome.

To join a schedule dive or propose a dive not on the schedule contact the Boat Dive Coordinator ( or sign up at the monthly meetings


7/3/2014 Boston SCUBA
This is a 2 tank boat dive. The boat leaves the dock at 6pm, but you should be at the shop in East Boston about 5:30pm to full out paperwork.

In the past, this has been a fantastic night dive, and after the dive you get to see the some of the coastal town's fireworks displays!

Boston Harbor

$70.00 per person.



2013 NEADC Boat Dive Operators

The diveboat operators that give special rates to NEADC members are indicated! Click their names to learn more!

NEADC Discount
Boston Scuba Boat Dives - Winthrop, MA
  Canned Air Dive Charters - Wakefield, RI
  Cape Ann Charters Boat Dives - Gloucester, MA
  Cape Ann Divers Boat Dives - Gloucester, MA
NEADC Discount
Easy Diver Boat Dives - Gloucester, MA
  Northern Atlantic Dive Expeditions - Salem, MA
  Snappa Charters - Port Judith, RI
  Shadow Charters - New Castle, NH
NEADC Discount
Shark Bait Diving Adventures - Gilford, NH