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Dive Club Calendar

2019 NEADC Shore Dive Schedule

If you would like to participate in a club dive, PLEASE make sure you contact the dive coordinator at least two days before the dive date. Dive coordinators may cancel or modify their dive plans at their discretion. Likewise, if you confirm attendance but then cannot attend a dive, please notify the coordinator as soon as possible, so that the group does not wait for you at the meeting site on the day of the dive.

Anyone can arrange a dive, dive coordinators only need to be a contact person for the dive.  They are not responsible for leading or supervising the dive, and in fact do not have to dive at all.  If you want to share a favorite spot or try out a new spot, email our shoredive coordinator to volunteer to coordinate a dive.

New Member dives are on the Saturdays following the General Meeting. Despite the name, it's not only for new members. The new member dives are usually at a more accessible site, and is a great way to get into New England diving if you are new to the club. It is a chance to meet your fellow club-members and experience some of New England's best dive sites. New Member dives are held on the weekend following the General meeting, and is on Saturday or Sunday determined by number of signups and weather conditions

On every dive this year we are focusing on cleaning up. Dive leaders will have a bag or similar to hold any trash found underwater. If you find anything (that is not being used by an animal or plant), carry it back to shore. This year, we clean up each dive.

Be sure to register at least 3 days in advance for any dive. The sites are often determined the morning of the dive (we will choose the best site based on the weather and experience level of the divers). Signing up in advance allows Dive Coordinators to be able to communicate last minute changes to everyone.

For last minute dives, check our Facebook Page. Planned dives throughout the year are listed below:

Shore Dive Calendar

Site (intended)
Meeting Time & Place
Contact person
06/22/2019 or 6/23/19 Club Dive TBA TBA Contact Dan at for details
07/20/2019 Great Annual Fish Count TBA TBA Contact Dan at for details
08/24/2019 or 8/25/19 Club Dive TBA TBA Contact Dan at for details
09/14/2018 Tropical Fish Rescue
Fort Whetheril, RI TBA Contact Dan at for details