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Dives up to a week before the GAFC will be elegible for raffle prizes. If you are not diving the day of the event, be sure to check the box so site coordinators aren't looking for you.

After your dive, submit your data to the REEF website, and bring the confirmation number from your REEF submission.

We are looking for coordinators for the dive sites. Coordinators check off names, collect waivers, and direct divers to the best entry point. If interested, email Greg.

We are also looking for people to help with setup and take-down of all the equipment/decorations, help with food and generally help make this the best GAFC yet. If you're interested in volunteering email Catherine

Anyone who volunteers will get a raffle entry regardless of whether they count fish.

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Don't forget to sign up for the dive with the shop itself. This form will only register you for the BBQ and Raffle prizes.

Check here if diving before the day of the event

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If you are having trouble with the form, email the webmaster. For general questions about the GAFC, email Uma.