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March 15, 2023, 6:30 pm.
NEAq Office of Volunteer Programs & Internships

The NEAq Office of Volunteer Programs & Internships seeks to become a service leader through the Greater New England environmental community.

We accomplish this goal by thoughtfully crafting meaningful service opportunities that are mutually beneficial to participant and the institution. These opportunities fulfill the unpaid staffing needs of our institution while providing participants with highly educational and hands-on experiences. We seek to create experiences that empower volunteers in their roles as Ocean Stewards and encourage them to mobilize their fellow community members to do the same.

The Office of Volunteer Programs & Internships operates with the following values in mind:

  • Ocean stewardship is essential to the betterment and sustainability of our planet
  • Volunteerism is a force for positive environmental, civic and personal change and by connecting service to ocean stewardship we are able to meet the critical needs of Greater Boston and beyond
  • Volunteerism at its best incorporates fairness, equitability, accessibility and diversity of all kinds
  • All Volunteers and Interns serving within the New England Aquarium deserve strong mentorship, positive developmental opportunities, quality recognition and a sense of connection to the community

Presenters: Chris Bauernfeind - Senior Aquarist/ Dive Volunteer Coordinator
Ashley McCarthy - Dive Safety Officer
Lissette Bayona - Assistant Dive Safety Officer

Ashley and Lissette have recently taken over the role of dive operations at the New England Aquarium. The Dive Operations Office works closely with all exhibits that require diving as part of their regular operations to design safe dive practices. We are constantly seeking ways to improve the dive program and extend these education opportunities to all dive volunteers. We believe that safety practices accompanied with recurrent training can improve diver's awareness. Such opportunities include CPR/ First Aid & O2 administration. Please join us for an info session about our diving program and all different opportunities available to volunteer.

April 19, 2023, 6:30 pm.

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