2003 Diveclub Photos

2003 CoastSweep

3rd Annual CoastSweep of Canoe Beach and Pumphouse Beach/NEU Marine Lab Open House was a great success thanks to Dan, Carol, Laurel, Ariel, Alex and Rosie Geist, Ann Lambert, Anna Krowczynska, Jacki Kronenberg, Kelly Crawford, Jessica Perritt, Gabrielle Guagliano, Andrew McLaughlin, Anastasia DiTomaso, Dian Koliylarz, Mike Landino, Bob Ragucci, Arthur Caissie, Anne Magee, Frank Magee, Louise McBryde, Michael Schruben and the NEU Marine Lab Staff. Many other passersby participated in the clean up too. Special thanks to Michael Schruben for creating a wonderful North Atlantic marine display tank for all to enjoy. Special thanks also goes out to Oceanic Research Group Inc. for donating 3 spectacular Jonathan Bird underwater photography books that were raffled. (www.oceanicresearch.org)

Lucky volunteers also left with club fleeces and shirts and everyone left with our new weather proof club decals. Since our volunteer divers have worked so hard over the past years not much trash was found underwater. (Next year we will hit Forty-Steps area) But there was trash washed up on Canoe Beach and Pumphouse Beach. Over 30 bags were filled with over 500 pounds of trash. It was not an easy job for this year's volunteers. There were hypodermics needles still attached to syringes and far too many tampon applicators. This most likely means these items are being flushed down toilets. A big NO NO! Once the entire Commonwealth's tally of trash is complied I will post it on the web/newsletter For more on human-made debris, trash and litter and how you can prevent it go to: www.state.ma.us/czm/links.htm. If you did not get a chance to participate this year, or participated in previous years and thought it was dull, please consider next year. After a few years of organizing these…along with NEU, we are trying to make the event more fun so please join us next year. You can make a difference.

CoastSweep 2003 CoastSweep 2003

Dominica Trip

CoastSweep 2003 Dominica 2003
Dominica 2003 Dominica 2003

Whale Watch

Dominica 2003