Kayak Diving to Shag Rocks

October 11, 2009

Photos by Tom Bergendahl

Another shot of dinner to be....a.k.a., Catch of the Day.

Big Kahuna @ anchor

Distant view of Boston w out zoom. Shag Rocks southern group

Former residents of Shag Rocks at about 25 feet or so. Got 3 all together.

Graves Light - outer Boston Harbor.

Not an easy hike in....keeps out the beginners

One of my all time favorite giant stride (best at High Tide) entry spots. It drops down to 25 or so feet deep off this rock

Remains of WWII pillbox, was part of the US military 1st line of defense - 1941 - 45. Previously part of a private residence, taken by eminent domain now a public park

Remant triangulation towers (for German Uboats) left over from WWII. I'm standing on the larger of the two parts of Shag Rocks @ end of dive.

Shag Rocks, Nahant 10-11-09 - Southwesterly winds 25 mph, anchored between two sets of rock on the lee side of the larger one. Water depth of anchorage - 20 feet

Some of the best shore diving close to Boston, East Point, Nahant

Zoom view of Bean town about 10 miles to the South.