Kayak Dives to the Rockport Breakwater

July 8, 2012

Led by (and Photos by) Tom Bergendahl


Rockport Breakwater?....paddled from Back Beach, Rockport, MA.

Breakwater again....nice calm day. Started out NW winds 10 - 20 mph and calmed down to barely a breeze.

Mike McDevitt, one of the newer members of the Kayak Diving community

Mike's Dad, Mark came along for the fun of the paddle. Saw what we think was a Grey Seal on the harbor side of the Breakwater?

Veteran kayak diver Carl Thien in his Ocean Kayak, Scrambler XT, next to Mark.

Tom B...in the Necky Dolphin kayak.

My favorite dive flag/float makes it obvious what the heck we are doing....just in case boaters don't know what that flag means.

Carl after one of the best dives in recent memory....?
f.y.i, from 1987 until yesterday, this had to have been one of my top five dives in terms of visibility.
Absolutely amazing vis!!! Might have been 40+ feet

Carl provided snacks prior to the trip back.

I still don't know where the waves went.