Kayak dive to Satan's Rock

July 15, 2012

Led by Tom Bergandhal


7:30 a.m. Chandler Hovey Park, Marblehead?, MA....nice calm beginning to the trip out.

View toward Children's Island & Cormorant Rock

Satan's rock.... drops very quickly to 65 feet deep just a short distance from the rock. Lots of walls, crevases, & boulders

Looking out north toward Gloucester
Another calm day. Nice to be able to dive the ocean side of the rock.

Tinker's Island visible in the distance. (looking south)

Back of my kayak. Carl still tethered while we get ready to leave.

Carl tends to the Necky Dolphin while I get some pics from Satan's Rock. The cormorants didn't like me joining them.

Looking back toward Cormorant Rock & Children's Island. About a 10 minute paddle to those two and another 20 or 25 back to our launching site in Marblehead

Halfway Rock... The ultimate test of kayak diving skills. Maybe an hour and 20 or 30 minutes from our launch site.

Carl tethered to my boat while I capture some pics.

Looking south over Satan's Rock. I did happen to see some wreck debris while we were there.

Large male lobster too big to bring home.

Fortunately dive buddy Carl Thien got these shots...th?anks Carl.

This guy was probably between 15 - 20 pounds. Way bigger than any pot we currently own.

Lobster hunting is a full contact sport for me. I do have knee pads on.