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Wednesday, June 15th, 2016, 6:30 pm.
John Hanzl - Dealing with Decompression Sickness: The John Hanzl Story
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John Hanzl, Diving Safety Officer, New England Aquarium

Picture yourself submerged in a cave, the darkness so complete – so inky thick - that it’s almost a tangible thing. You’re so far back in the system that you’d have to swim for almost an hour just to reach the first glimmer of natural light. You’d have to swim for almost an hour before you have any hope of reaching even a breath of air.

Now picture yourself in this desolate environment – so far from anything normal and safe – and when you take a breath from the hose that feeds life into your body you find that it’s nothing but water. Unfortunately you’ve also donated your backup air source to your buddy - you can’t breathe, you’re suffocating – your lungs are empty. Unreasoning panic wells up within you as you frantically swim towards your buddy, gesturing that you’re out of air and desperately tugging on the regulator that’s in his mouth…

What if I was to tell you that, forty minutes after exiting the water, after surviving an incredibly stressful ordeal, that after all that, what if I told you that your nightmare hadn’t even begun.

Would you want to hear more?

This is John’s story of surviving the bends.

Wednesday, July 20th, 2016, 6:30 pm.
Andrew Martinez - Ambon: Critter Paradise
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Ambon, Indonesia is a muck diving paradise. Please join Andy to see why Maluku Divers boasts “Critters Without Crowds”. From cryptic Stonefish, and Rhinopias to an endless variety of colorful nudibranchs. Ambon is an underwater photographer’s dream.

Andy Martinez specializes in images of the natural world. He has traveled and photographed in many of the world’s beautiful tropical islands. As a lifelong resident of New England he has compiled one of the largest collection of images of marine life behavior from New England and Eastern Canada. His book Marine Life of the North Atlantic is considered a must have for New England divers.

General Meetings are held the third Wednesday of each month, at the New England Aquarium Conference Center (located on the first floor of the Harbor Garage). Click here for directions

At each general meeting there will be the monthly drawing for a chance to have a hands on aquarium experience.

Social Hour Before the General Meeting

Join us at the restraunt in the Marriot across from the Aquarium before the next General Meeting. Anytime after 5:30 and there should be a few members hanging around. Stop by for drinks, appetizers, dinner, or just to say hi

These get-togethers are meant to help answer questions and talk with new or less active members. We’ll tell you about the latest club news and hear about your interests in diving.

If you are an active member, please come out and help us greet people.

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Officer meeting

First Wednesday of every month
Location: Varies

We've recently changed the format of the monthly business meeting. It is now primarily, where the club officers discuss club issues. It is held at a different place each month, usually at a member's house, restaurant or other informal setting.

It is still open to the membership, and is the perfect opportunity to bring up issues directly to the board. if you would like to attend, ask an officer and they'll let you know the location for that month.