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All trips listed here are organized by fellow divers and are not run, managed, or funded by the club itself.

Any member can submit trips, it's a great way to fill up trip minumums, or get a better group price! .

May 6 - 13, 2017

Dan Sprague has 2 trips running to the Bahamas this year and there may be some spaces available. The first one will be May 6th to the 13th and then again in October with no firm dates yet.

The trip will be a week on the Canal at the beautiful Ocean Reef Yacht Club where we find Grand Bahama Scuba, home of Fred & Melinda Riger. The Dive Shop & Boat are on Premise which allows us to get right out to our favorite Dive Sites in minutes.

There are opportunities to typically do 15+ dives over the week. Everything is close to the accomodations, so no rental car is required. There is a grocery store nearby that covers most of the food for the week, but there are also two restraunts nearby. Non-divers are always welcome.

Contact Dan for details.