Febuary 2004



Immersion Theater at New England Aquarium
Wednesday, February 18th, 2004

 6:30 p.m.

“The Great White Shark Experience

in Guadalupe Island”

Presented by fellow New England diver, videographer and shark enthusiast Rebecca Green. Rebecca will share with us a film presentation and tell us about her exciting experience with Great White sharks in Guadalupe Island.  She’ll explain why Guadalupe Island is a gem to shark lovers and why it is now considered the “hot spot” to see Great Whites.

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The March Informal Meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 3rd, at 6:30 p.m. at the home of Jim Stewart and Laura Coldwell-Stewart in Southborough, MA. See page 2 for Directions.


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Wednesday, March 3, 2004, at 6: 30 p.m. at the home of Jim Stewart & Laura Coldwell-Stewart, 30 Parkerville Road, Southborough, MA;  (508) 303-0239. NOTE: The Stewart family includes Robby, who will be entertaining guests in his bouncy swing.


From Rte 495:

          Take exit 23A (Route 9 east) and follow Route 9 through one set of lights. Turn left onto Middle road about a mile past the lights. This is the first break in the Jersey barriers since the light.

          Turn left almost immediately again onto John Matthew's Road, you will be parallel to Rte. 9 West.

          Follow Matthew's Road to the end then turn right onto Parkerville Road. The house is about 0.4 miles down on the right just barely past the road to the school on the left. To find the driveway look for a very large mailbox, with fish on it, under the street light.

From Boston:

          Take the Route 9 West exit from the Mass Pike. Follow Route 9 through 3 traffic lights and under the Route 85 exits and overpass.

          After Rte. 85 take the second right onto Parkerville Road, just past McCarthy's Pools and the WPI building. There is also a turn lane for Parkerville Road. The house is about 0.5 miles down on the right just barely past the road to the school on the left. To find the driveway look for a very large mailbox with fish on it, under the street light.


NEWSLETTER AD POLICY:  Dive related ads for NEADC Members will be free with the following stipulations:  1. Must be current NEADC member; 2. Ad must be 25 words or less; 3. Ad must be submitted electronically; 4. Ad must be sent to the Newsletter Editor prior to Deadline; 5. Ad will be placed for one month only (ads may be renewed by resubmission as stated above).  NOTE:  This will NOT affect Website policy.  Website does NOT contain member advertising.

Full Page $90/insertion; Half Page $50/ insertion; Quarter Page $30/insertion; Eighth Page $20/insertion.
10% discount for 4 or more insertions per calendar year. 20% discount for 8 or more insertions per calendar year.
Send questions and submissions to the Newsletter Editor.  Ad fees must be paid in advance.

For Sale:

FINS: (1) pair of Scubapro Jet Fins; X-large; black; w/ strap pulls; $60. 

Please contact Leonor Desmarais at (508) 485-4903.

BCD:  SeaQuest Spectrum II; small ladies'; black with blue trim on pockets; 1992 issue, regularly inspected; comes with original manual; $30.  Please contact Leonor Desmarais at (508) 485-4903.

FROM YOUR PRESIDENT Maryhelen Shuman-Groh

Greetings and welcome to another year with the New England Aquarium Dive Club. I began this update while spending a week diving in Dominica with a group of 25, mostly composed of our club members. Although it wasn’t too tough to leave behind the minus 14 degrees of our departure day – it was pretty tough to come back to the balmy 10 degrees. This is the second time I have visited Dominica for diving and hiking and to enjoy the beautiful and hospitable island. It was the fifth visit for some members of our group. It is nice to know that we can return again to this island and be welcome as divers and as members of New England Aquarium Dive Club. The Dominica trip will be offered again next year and there are a number of other trips put together by our Program Director, Al Bozza, and other NEADC members and officers.

There’s a lot planned for the upcoming year. In addition to our two monthly meetings, the first Wednesday Informal Meeting and the third Wednesday General Meeting, there are a number of dive-related events already on the calendar for this Spring – the February Scuba Show, March Sea Rovers, April Shark-a-Thon/Oceanic Research Fundraiser and our Annual Dive Planning Meeting. Check out the calendar and website for updates. If you know of other events that would be of interest to our members or have some ideas of things you’d like to see the Club involved in this year, please share with any of the NEADC officers!

Remember that for those of you who are NOT ice diving this season (you can definitely count me out when it comes to really cold water diving!), winter is a great time to get the gear in shape for the coming season. Get that annual maintenance performed!

In the meantime, have a safe winter and stay connected to your Dive Club with our monthly newsletter and via the website at www.neadc.org.


After four years sitting on the sidelines and helping out with the newsletter prep and procuring party prizes, you have put me back on the board, this time as VP. It is fun helping guide the club but it sure would be great to get some new members active on the board. Think about it as this time around will only be for one year for me. Then it will be YOUR turn!

I look forward to helping out with what appears to be an exciting year. Stay well and think warm...spring is right around the corner! See you at the meetings.


There will be a Morehead City trip this year. The dates are June 25-27 for 3 days of diving. We will probably drive down again, leaving on Wednesday morning and coming home on Monday.


Hello everyone and thank you for electing me as the webmaster. I've got a few ideas of things to try, so we'll see how everything goes.  So far I've added dropdown menus for weather and tides to the top of the pages, as well as a "Meeting minutes" button to the side menu, so if you couldn't make it to a meeting, it's a great way to see what you missed out on. I've also added a box on the right of the Latest and Greatest page for diving news headlines.

If anyone has some ideas of what they want to see let me know. There's a lot of information that can be put up on the website. If anyone knows any interesting websites, or if there are any diving conventions or big travel trips you want to lead, there are sections for it all. E-mail me at webmaster@neadc.org if you've got any ideas or submissions.


Remember, as a member you are invited to our informal meetings on the first Wednesday of every month. When you arrive, you will find a fantastically prepared dinner and good conversation, at no charge. After dinner, the officers meet in a separate room to discuss business issues while the rest prepare the newsletter. We have over 400 members so there are a lot of labels, stamps and seals to apply.  We usually need more people to help with the newsletters so please consider stopping by to as many of these informal meetings as you like. People usually arrive between 6:30-7:30 p.m. so don’t feel rushed to be there right at 6:30 p.m.!


Hi. My name is Genevieve Stewart and I am your new shore dive coordinator. I have been a certified diver for 13 years (and an instructor for nine years) and have spent the last seven years diving the North Atlantic. The local diving is quite different from many of the warm water destinations many of you may have visited this winter and from South Africa, where I learned to dive.

Those of you have who dove the North Shore (and don't forget the South Shore) will agree that we have some of the best diving in the world right at our fin-tips!

Our 2004 shore dives will officially start in April. The shore diving activities will be family-oriented and appropriate for all members, regardless of age or experience level. There will be a shore dive scheduled for almost every Saturday and Sunday during the season - some to the North and some to the South.

If you have a favorite dive site, become a shore dive leader and share it with other club members. You do not need to be an expert, dive master or instructor to lead a club shore dive.

Whether you want to dive, to lead, or simply to voice your opinion and offer suggestions; come to our shore dive planning meeting.

Check out the Dive Calendar - Dive Planning Meeting April 28. Location and time TBA.

I'd encourage everyone to get actively involved in our club's activities this year. We have so many events that are open to divers of all experience levels.

Please contact me at shoredive@neadc.org if you have any questions or suggestions.


Thank you for allowing me to become Newsletter Editor. I feel that I can be successful in this role; however, I need help from each and every one of you. With the new year just starting, it is a good time for looking back as well as looking forward. I would like two things from you. One is to describe, in a few sentences, a memorable dive you had this past year. The second is to tell us of a diving goal you have for the current year. I’ll publish as many as I can in upcoming newsletters. Please send your submissions to newsletter@neadc.org. Thank you!

I will start by telling you about a great dive I had at the end of September 2003. It was a double night dive at Back Beach. My buddy and I had done the first dive, and had come up to discuss what we had seen. The large quantity of sea gooseberries was pretty amazing, the sea raven was very nice (and big!), and the lobsters and crabs were out in abundance. All in all, it was a very nice dive. We then did a second dive, and within a couple of minutes, we were with squids! A pair of them graced us with their presence for about ten minutes. They would move away a little, then let us approach, then move away again, and let us approach again. They are such wonderful creatures to watch! When they decided they had had enough of us, they used jet propulsion to vanish from sight. This dive is actually one of my top dives of all time!

My primary goal for diving this year has basically stayed the same: to do more dives than last year!

I also want to thank the behind-the-scenes people (you know who you are) who have been invaluable helping to put together this newsletter. Let’s do it again next month!

I wish you all fun and safe diving!


I’m looking forward to the upcoming boat dive season and plan on adding a few new things to the program this year. We’re planning on running the Triple Wreck Dive again as well as the 6th annual NEADC Seal Dive (Thanks to Donna Romano). The plan is to list club friendly area charters as we have done in the past. However, I plan on adding additional charters to the list from Maine to Rhode Island.

I’m also going to try something new this year, along the same lines as the Shore Dive program I ran last year. I’m going to come up with a small NEADC boat dive schedule. This does not mean the club will reserve the entire boat for the day, just that other club members will be diving on the boat that day. Basically, if you’d like to do a boat dive but don’t like diving with strangers, sign up with the charter to dive with other members that day. For starters, I plan on working with the charters to pick a non-advanced dive for that day so nobody gets in over their heads (pun intended). This will be sort of like the new member dives in the Shore Dive program.

In addition to the boat listings, seal dive, triple wreck and designated club boat dives, I also plan to book a full boat or two as the season progresses. I’m thinking along the lines of Cape Ann Diver’s smaller (6 pack) boat and perhaps another 6-passenger boat I dive with on the South Shore out of Plymouth, the High Spirits. The boat bookings will depend on club member interest and boat availabilities. If anyone has a favorite charter you would like to see added, send me an e-mail (boatdive@neadc.org).

There are two items still open from last year’s Shore Dive season. The first is the GOT dive raffle!!! We’ll be raffling off a GOT dive for all participating shore dive leaders from 2003 during the February general meeting. Leaders will get an entry for EACH dive they lead, more dives, better chances. Leaders do not need to be present to win. As with all GOT dives, the winner must review the GOT dive rules, bring all of their own equipment (except a tank), and REMEMBER YOUR C-CARD. No C-card, no diving.

The second item is the T-shirt list. I still need size and color preferences for dive leaders from last year’s season. Sizes are XL, Large, Medium, and Small.  Colors are White, Gray, Light Blue, and perhaps Navy Blue (depending on interest). I’ve got to finish the list so we can place an order for the shirts. There is a possibility of offering different gifts next year as an option to the T-shirts. Folks who have been Shore Dive Leaders in the past already have shirts and have expressed interest in other items (hats, towels, gear bags, water bottles – all with the NEADC label). Nothing has been decided, so if you have a idea or preference, let the Shore Dive Coordinator or one of the other officers know.

The following is a list of folks I’m still waiting to hear from on sizes/colors: Alan Budreau, Andrew Eddy, Lynn Gipprich, Joe Gobbini, Trish Katzman, Jacki Kronenberg, Anna Krowczynska, Scott Matto, Jean Stefanik, Laura Stewart, Jim Stewart, Colin Wetherald.

As soon as I hear from all of you, I’ll place the order. I’m also going to try to send out e-mail reminders over the next couple of weeks. If I don’t hear any preferences, by say the March general meeting, I’ll just try to make my best guess and order one or two extra.

Get ready to dive in 2004! By the time you read this, we’ll be half way through the winter and closing in on the 2004 diving season!!!! If nobody has told you yet, now is a good time to get your gear serviced. I have all of my regulators rebuilt on an annual basis, even if I’ve only used them once. I usually bring my tanks in at the same time to have them VIP tested. Also, if you’re still looking to buy gear, now is a GREAT time to buy used gear from the local shops as they are restocking their rentals for next season. I’ve already picked up an additional used aluminum 80cf tank for $95. Go to your local dive shop (LDS) and ask about rental gear for sale (try Diver’s Market/Plymouth, East Coast Divers/Brookline & Framingham, PG Dive/Newton and Mass Diving/Natick). Get ready to dive….


Mark your calendars early for some of these fun events:

Sat, April 24, 2004                           Earth Day Dive/clean up in Cape Ann

                                                            Day Specific Photo Contest both underwater & Shoreline

Sun, May 23, 2004                          BSC/South Shore Neptunes Annual Treasure Hunt       

                                                            Join the NEADC TEAM!

Sat, July 17, 2004                            GAFC – Halibut Shores Dive @ 9 a.m. - Advanced Dive

                                                            Stage Fort Park for census sheet turn in / NEADC Picnic

Sat, Sept. 25, 2004                          CoastSweep 2004/NEU Marine Lab Open House

                                                            Beach & Underwater Cleanup - Great Family Event - Prizes!

Our contact for all these events is Alicia @ (617) 389-3458, environmental@neadc.org.

More dive events to come throughout the dive season. Keep an eye on upcoming newsletters and be sure to check the Dive Calendar on the website, www.neadc.org. It is always being updated.


Happy New Year to all!

For those of you still diving, God bless you! As for myself, I, like the groundhog, will come out of my burrow when I feel spring is near.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank those who helped out at this year’s holiday party on Dec 5th. Despite the incoming blizzard (reminiscent of the winter of ‘77), a few brave souls ventured out to party. I know I had a good time.

Al & Wendy Bozza, thank you, for catering the affair. You both did a spectacular job. Thank you, Jim Carozza, for organizing the DJ.

To Dick & Nancy Whitehouse - special thanks for running the raffles and providing the raffle prizes. To Anna Krowczynska - thanks again for helping out with decorating and your much-needed support. And to those of you whom I did not mention, your help and support were appreciated as well.


The Silent Wrecks: Film Premiere and O.R.G. Benefit

WHEN: Saturday, April 17, 2004

• 3:00-5:00 P.M. - Shark-A-Thon for kids! This exciting event will feature a shark video and a shark slide show.  Jonathan Bird will sign copies of his new book Adventures with Sharks.

• 7:00-9:00 P.M. - The Silent Wrecks film premiere - a benefit to help fund the O.R.G. educational Streaming Video Project.

WHERE: Nevins Hall, Framingham, MA.

ADMISSION: Free. Donations will be gladly accepted.

HOSTS: Jonathan Bird, author, cinematographer, producer and Art Cohen, narrator, producer.

ABOUT THE BENEFIT: Oceanic Research Group produces educational films for use in schools. They are distributed on videotape by traditional educational film distributors. Many schools cannot afford them. We feel that we could get our message out to more schools via the internet, since many schools have high-speed internet connections these days. We are launching a new program called the Streaming Video Project to stream the entire O.R.G. educational film library on our website for free in the very near future. This is going to require a site redesign, a much larger server with more bandwidth and the creation of streaming files. The whole thing can be accomplished for $20,000 including three years of server space. Last year, our benefit raised $2,000 but we hope to double that this year! For more information, check our website www.oceanicresearch.org. Thank you!

Beverages, T-shirts, videos, books, and posters will be available.

Please join us, have some fun, and contribute to the project by making a donation or buying some goodies!

START HERE, DIVE ANYWHERE - - - www.pgdive.com

Cool Winter Dive Activities

Scuba Reviews - Even though your scuba certification does not expire, your skills may become a little rusty. Join us for a free scuba review at the Newton YMCA on Monday Nights.

Dry Suit Diving and Dry Suit Demo - Dive Dry or Stay Dry! Start your dive season early and learn to dive in a dry suit. Special NEADC member rate - $99.

Ice Diving - The coolest activity of them all. You'll definitely earn bragging rights after a weekend of ice diving.

Special NEADC member rate - $225.

Enriched Air Nitrox - Dramatically increase your bottom time. Learn to dive with Enriched Air this winter; dives are scheduled for the spring. Special NEADC member rate - $99.

Contact Genevieve Stewart at genevieve@pgdive.com.

Details at: www.pgdive.com.


212 Adams Street, Newton, MA 02458

Open: Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri - 11 A.M. to 7 P.M. and Sat and Sun - 9 A.M. to 6 P.M.

Help for The New England Aquarium’s Troubles:  The NEAq Fund

Tough Times for the Aquarium

Many of you may have read in the news about the New England Aquarium’s financial hard times. It’s an unusually tough time for the Aquarium. Many excellent employees have been laid off and many plans have been canceled or postponed due to the budget cuts. It’s clear that the Aquarium will have financial difficulties for some time.

Our Efforts to Help

Our dive club couldn’t just stand by and do nothing. During the December Informal Meeting, our club officers decided to establish a project to raise funds for the New England Aquarium. Instead of collecting money and sending it to the Aquarium as a lump sum, we decided that it would be more interesting to do something a little different. Based on interviews with many departments and the Aquarium, we will select an important project they planned for this year but was cut due to budget constraints. The idea is to fund a project directly on something specific. We hope to announce to you the project in next month’s newsletter.

Ways We Raise Funds

Last December, we began a 50/50 raffle at each general meeting. We sell raffle tickets where the winner gets half the collection and the NEAq Fund gets the other half of the collection. The NEAq fund is our collection of money designated to pay for the Aquarium’s soon-to-be-determined project. Come to the next general meeting and you might win some money while helping out the Aquarium! We also plan to do some other raffles that will benefit you as a member.  If you have any fundraising ideas or would like to donate directly to the NEAq Fund then please contact our Treasurer Jim Carozza at business@neadc.org or Membership Director Trish Katzman at membership@neadc.org.

A note from Bob Michelson, SBNMS Fish ID Coordinator, about the Nova Scotia Field Survey:

REEF's Caribbean Field Surveys are either sold out or are on their way to quickly becoming sold out. We in the Northeast have been given this chance to participate in the first ever Northeast REEF Field Survey, which will be held August 3-8, 2004.

It will take place on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. Cost for 5 nights/6 days is $480 USD, which includes accommodations at Highlander Motel and 4 days of 2-tank diving with Scuba Tech. (Non-diver price $155 USD.) There is a REEF Donation Fee of $100 per person. This survey is limited to a maximum of 13 divers.

For reservations, please call or e-mail Sarah at Dive Reservations at (888) 363-3345 or reef@diveres.com.

Greetings from the Far West - as far as the Berkshires, that is. Special Olympics of Massachusetts will be holding their annual Passion Plunge at Nantasket Beach at 1 p.m. on February 14 this year.

The event is expected to have between 400 and 600 plungers. I have been the "in-water rescue person" the past couple of years. I put on my dry suit, a small tank, and BC, and wade out into the water about chest deep shortly before the plungers enter the water. I then help anyone who stumbles or starts to look cold and I exit when the last plungers leave the water (there is a 10-minute max for them). With the number of plungers expected, the event director would like to have more than one in-water rescue person.

Being a member of NEADC, my first thought was perhaps some club members would be willing to volunteer to help out in the water. The plunge starts at 1 p.m., so it would be good to get there by 12:15 to get organized and suited up. The beach house is open for changing. After the plunge, there is a party with food in a nice warm spot. I am hoping that the members of the club are interested in helping out. (If we get a count of divers and sizes, I think we could talk them out of some event t-shirts and maybe get the club recognition in their literature). I can be contacted either by phone at (413) 329-7407 or via e-mail at charner@bhs1.org.

Thank you, Charles Harner.

Job Posting for Northeastern Marine Lab!

         Title:                   Outreach Program Assistant, Full Time

         Department:        Marine Science Center - College of Arts & Sciences

         Grade:                51

Posting Description:    UPDATED January 23, 2004. The Outreach Program Assistant will conduct, schedule, and promote outreach activities. Will provide administrative assistance for the Marine Science Center. Will prepare and mail outreach material. Will maintain log of activities. BS in Natural Sciences with concentration in Marine Biology is required. Must have 1-2 years of experience with K-12 outreach education. Must have valid driver’s license. This position is in Nahant. Go to www.neu.edu to apply online or send e-mail and resume to T.Eldridge@neu.edu.


Scuba Show 2004 is Feb 21, 2004, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Holiday Inn at the junction of rtes 495 and 20 in Marlboro, Massachusetts. Directed by Alan Budreau. This year features the following guest speakers:

Spencer Slate who will talk about how he planned the sinking of the Spiegel Grove in FL.

Dave Clancy will present scuba diving in Nova Scotia and his new website www.wreckhunter.net.

Dave Norman doing decompression modeling.

Debra Greenhalgh will present Diving Beyond Disabilities with a movie of divers with disabilities diving for Spanish treasure in the FL Keys, and will discuss scuba training available through www.scubamadeeasy.org.

And a feature movie of diving around Thacher Island in Gloucester, MA, done by Fred Calhoun and Chris Christensen.

Admission costs $10. Call (978) 897-0877 for advance tickets and directions.

Triple Event on July 17, 2004!

The Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary Celebration,

Great Annual Fish Count (GAFC) and

New England Aquarium Dive Club picnic

…all on the same day and place so you don’t have pick just one!

Where:  Stage Fort Park in Gloucester, MA

When:  10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Divers will need to select which dive site they wish to survey for the GAFC and pre-register with Bob Michelson, SBNMS Fish ID Coordinator, for one of the following dive sites prior to the event: Folly Cove, Back Beach, Old Garden Beach, Magnolia Rocks, Cathedral Rocks, Halibut Shores and Nubble Light, York, Maine.

There will be a volunteer shore coordinator for each location to assist with parking, etc.  Bob needs volunteers to step-up for these positions.

All divers will then return to Stage Fort Park by 1 p.m. for lunch and our equipment raffle, which will be drawn at 2 p.m. The lunch and raffle are free to all volunteer divers who conduct at least one survey dive on this day.

The Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary plan to raffle over $6000.00 in dive equipment!

Remember - divers need to pre-register with Bob Michelson prior to the event to qualify for the GAFC celebration and prizes. You have almost 6 months to register! Register with Bob at pbm.inc@verizon.net.


The Boston Sea Rovers Announce the

50th Annual Underwater Clinic and Film Festival

                The Boston Sea Rovers, one of this country’s oldest and most prestigious dive clubs, will be sponsoring their historic 50th Annual Underwater Clinic on March 6th & 7th, 2004 at the Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel, St. James Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts. This year’s Golden Anniversary event is sure to uphold their time-honored tradition to “Raise the Level of Knowledge of the Underwater World”. Features of the Clinic include forty daytime seminars covering every aspect of scuba diving and the marine environment, a dozen detailed workshops on advanced diving techniques, a world class evening film festival, and, with over sixty booths, the largest display of dive equipment and services in New England for the year. Tickets for the evening show are $20 per person, as are tickets for the Clinic Saturday, that includes exhibit displays and the diverse programs offered. On Sunday, admission is $15, children under 12 are free, and admission for students with valid ID and Senior Citizens is only $10. Daytime events run from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM on Saturday, March 6, and 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM on Sunday, March 7th. 

                The spectacular Saturday Evening Film Festival, one of the most prestigious in the underwater world, is host this year to world premieres from some of the most recognized names in the business. This year we’re proud to feature as Master of Ceremonies, famed oceanographer Dr. Robert Ballard. Other speakers include Deep Sea Explorer Emory Kristof, and National Geographic photographer Brian Skerry, with many more surprises in store for a show that will span the fifty decades of ground-breaking Sea Rover’s history. The Saturday Evening Film Festival runs from 8:00 PM to 10:30 PM, and will be held at the John Hancock Hall, two blocks from the hotel.

                The Sea Rovers are a not-for-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to increasing the awareness and appreciation of the marine environment. A portion of proceeds benefits scholarships, and SeaMark, an organization dedicated to helping children with disabilities. Anyone interested in purchasing tickets or obtaining further information should call (617) 424-9899, write to the Boston Sea Rovers, P.O. Box 935, Bedford, MA 01730-0935, or visit our website at www.bostonsearovers.com.

Notes related to the above: The New England Aquarium Dive Club will be hosting a booth at Sea Rovers. We need volunteers to staff it throughout both Saturday and Sunday. Please sign up at the February General Meeting. Thanks!

Also, Bob Michelson has announced that REEF’s Invertebrate Program Debut will be held at Sea Rovers, behind where the MetroWest Dive Club usually has its booth, at the far corner of the balcony. This will be a web-based curriculum posted on the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary website when completed, and available to download and print out for personal use by divers. The address is www.sbnms.nos.noaa.gov. The Invertebrate Program will be strictly educational in venue - there will not be any counting of invertebrates until REEF has completed their pilot program in the Pacific NW in the next several years.

April 24, 2004

10 a.m.

Lane’s Cove, Gloucester, MA

Underwater/Shoreline Clean-up

Contact: Alicia Lenci



Dive In To Earth Day 2004 Photo Contest

Coral Org wants to see what we doing in our community to help out with marine conservation this Earth Day. Be sure to capture your Dive In activities on camera for a chance to win great prizes (prizes will be announced in January). Photos can be entered into two categories:

1. Underwater

2. Above Water

Photos will be judged based on how well they capture the spirit of Dive In: a fun, community activity that takes action to protect our marine environment. Some examples of winning photos might be before and after shots of a cleanup, divers in action removing garbage or conducting a survey, children enjoying a snorkeling trip, etc.

Rules and Regulations

All entries must be taken during a 2004 Dive In To Earth Day activity.

Competition is open to any Dive In To Earth Day participant or organizer (your Dive In activity must be posted on the Dive In site).

Entries are limited to two images per contestant, per category (four photos maximum).

All underwater photographs must meet our environmental standards.

All entries for judging will remain the possession of the Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL). CORAL reserves the right to use the submitted images and winners’ names to promote Dive In To Earth Day, the competition, the winners and the prizes/sponsors.

CORAL accepts no responsibility for damage or loss of entries.

Slides, prints and digital formats are all accepted.

All entries must be submitted along with are registration form.

All photographs and registration forms must be sent to CORAL no later than May 20th, 2004. Contest results will be announced in June 2004.

How to Enter

Complete the questions in the registration form found online at www.coral.org.

Send the registration form and photos to CORAL no later than May 20, 2004 by:

E-MAIL: Send photos by e-mail (minimum 300 dpi) with subject heading, "Dive In Photo Contest Submission" no later than May 20, 2004 to divein@coral.org.

MAIL: Send a color or black-and-white print (unmounted), 8" x 10" or smaller or your slide. All entries must include the photographer's name and address on the back, as well as the category and the title of the photo. Images must be sent to CORAL at the address below, postmarked no later than May 20, 2004:

Dive In To Earth Day Photo Contest
The Coral Reef Alliance
417 Montgomery Street, Suite 205
San Francisco, California USA 94104

New England Aquarium Dive Club

2004 Shore Diving and Event Calendar

The leaders for a dive may cancel or modify their dive plans so please contact him or her prior to the dive date. Likewise, if you confirm attendance but then cannot attend a dive for any reason, please notify the dive leader as soon as possible, so that the group does not wait for you at the meeting site on the day of the dive. Note:  Meeting minutes are posted on www.neadc.org.







  Feb 11



 Bay State Council of Divers



 South Shore Neptunes

 Clubhouse Quincy, MA


  Feb 14



  Passion Plunge

 Special Olympics of


 Nantasket Beach

 See announcement in this issue

  Feb 18



 Dive Club General Meeting:

 Great White Sharks


 Immersion Theater,
 New England Aquarium

 Dinner following meeting at local


  Feb 21



 Boston SCUBA Show

For info, call (978) 897-0877

 Holiday Inn and Resort,

 Marlboro, MA

 $10 per person; Spencer Slate and

 the Sinking of the Spiegel Grove

  Feb 23



 DEADLINE for Newsletter




  Mar 3



 Dive Club Informal Meeting:

 Dinner and NEADC

 newsletter assembly

 Jim & Laura Stewart,
 (508) 303-0239

 Southborough, MA

 See page 2 for directions

  Mar 5-7


 Boston Sea Rovers

 Underwater Clinic


 Boston, MA


 NEADC BOOTH - sign up at the

 February General Mtg

  Mar 17



 Dive Club General Meeting


 Immersion Theater,
 New England Aquarium

 Dinner following meeting at local


  Mar 26-28



 Beneath the Sea


 Meadowlands Exposition

 Center Secaucus, NJ


  Apr 7



 Dive Club Informal Meeting:

 Dinner and NEADC

 newsletter assembly




  Apr 17




  Wrecks 2004

 MetroWest Dive Club

 Framingham, MA


  Apr 17


  3-5pm &


 Oceanic Research Group

 Benefit and Film Premiere


 Framingham, MA

 See Article this issue

  Apr 21



 Dive Club General Meeting


 Immersion Theater,
 New England Aquarium

 Dinner following meeting at local


  Apr 24



 Earth Day Dive/Clean-Up

Alicia Lenci, (617) 389-3458 environmental@neadc.org

 Lane’s Cove,

 Cape Ann, MA

 See Article this issue

  Apr 28



 Dive Planning Meeting

 Genevieve Stewart




  May 5



 Dive Club Informal Meeting:

 Dinner and NEADC

 newsletter assembly




  May 12



 Bay State Council of Divers



 South Shore Neptunes

 Clubhouse Quincy, MA


  May 19



 Dive Club General Meeting


 Immersion Theater,
 New England Aquarium

 Dinner following meeting at local


  May 22



 Night Dive

Alicia Lenci, (617) 389-3458 environmental@neadc.org

 Cape Ann, MA


  May 23



 BSC/South Shore Neptunes

 Annual Treasure Hunt

Alicia Lenci, (617) 389-3458 environmental@neadc.org

 Stage Fort Park

 Gloucester, MA

 Join the NEADC Team!

New England Aquarium Dive Club Membership Form

Type of Membership:                                                                                               New _____                              Renewal _____

Has your address changed since last renewal?                      No_____                 Yes_____                previous town _________________

New England Aquarium Membership Categories: Choose One:

(Membership in Dive Club requires current membership in New England Aquarium)

q       Individual                        $45.00  +          Dive Club Membership $15.00    =          $60.00

q       Couple/Family              $80.00  +          Dive Club Membership $15.00    =          $95.00

q       Quartermaster            $100.00  +          Dive Club Membership $15.00    =       $115.00

q       Master Mariner           $150.00  +          Dive Club Membership $15.00    =       $165.00

q       Friend of Aquarium    $250.00  +          Dive Club Membership $15.00    =       $265.00

Total Amount Enclosed $________ (Dive Club dues plus Aquarium membership)

Name _____________________________________________________                            Phone ____________________________

Address ___________________________________________________                            E-mail ____________________________

City _____________________________               State _______         Zip ____

Please make your check payable to New England Aquarium or charge to:

MasterCard                           Visa                      Discover                               American Express               Signature _____________________________

Account # ___________________________________ Expiration __________ Amount $ ______________

Mail to:     Membership Dept. New England Aquarium

                Central Wharf, Boston MA  02110

Requirements for Dive Club Membership include current membership in the New England Aquarium and payment of Dive Club dues.  New members receive a New England Aquarium membership card marked “DIVER”.  IF YOU ARE ALREADY A MEMBER OF THE AQUARIUM, send your membership card, Dive Club dues payment and this application to the Membership Department.  Your membership card will be returned marked “DIVER”.  If you have any questions, please call the Aquarium Membership Office at 617-973-6555/6564.


      Central Wharf, Boston, MA  02110