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Immersion Theater at New England Aquarium
Wednesday, April 21st, 2004

 6:30 p.m.

“A Trip to Cocos Island”

Guest Speaker: Kerry Hurd. Kerry enjoys diving in

New England year-round. He does, however, realize that it is

highly unlikely to see certain underwater creatures locally.

And so, in May of 2001, he took a trip to remote Cocos Island, known as the “Island of the Sharks.” Come hear about

his successes and difficulties while on this exciting trip!


Would you like to DIVE IN THE GIANT OCEAN TANK and help the New England Aquarium at the same time? See the Program Director’s section of this newsletter.


The May 19 NEADC General Meeting

will be held in the Conference Center.


2004 Northeast Fish ID/Invertebrate Workshops will be hosted by New England Aquarium Dive Club, Inc., at the New England Aquarium on June 16, 2004 (Immersion Theater) and October 23, 2004 (Conference Center). Contact Brandy Derickson at derickba@netzero.net to enroll.


The May Informal Meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 5th, at 6:30 p.m. at the home of Tom & Tina Kemper, 3 Lawrence Road, Wayland, MA, (508) 655-0546.


From Route 95/128:

          Take Route 30 West (Exit next to Mass. Pike Exit).

          Follow Route 30 West for 5 miles to a fork in the road (there is a Mobil station on the left and a Sunoco station on the right).

          Bear right onto East Plain Street (past Villa Restaurant).

          Take second right onto Pollock Street. Follow to the end.

          Take a left onto Willow Lane.

          Take the first right onto Lawrence Road.

          #3 is the second house on the right.


Submit your news for the next Newsletter by
Monday, April 26, 2004!

This is for the MAY EDITION of the NEADC Newsletter. Submissions must be in writing, preferably via e-mail to newsletter@neadc.org. Thank you!



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2004 New England Aquarium Dive Club Officers

Maryhelen Shuman-Groh
P. O. Box 70
Raynham, MA 02767
(508) 821-4704

Dick Whitehouse

Business Manager
Jim Carozza

Boat Dive Coordinator
Rick Rosa

Shore Dive Coordinator
Genevieve Stewart

Newsletter Editor
Kerry Hurd

Program Director
Al Bozza
(508) 528-4933

Membership Director
Trish Katzman

Anna Krowczynska

Environmental Affairs
Alicia Lenci
(617) 285-6737

Steve Whitford

NEADC Voice Mail
Please call (617) 973-0240.

NEADC Website
Look for updated information on our website, www.neadc.org, graciously hosted by
Jake and Linda Richter.


Sea Rovers '04 is history. Thanks so much to all of you who helped out at our booth. Special thanks go out to Steve Groh who transported most of the exhibit to my home, and to Tom Kemper who was ready to roll at 5:30 Saturday morning (before the crack of dawn) to travel to town to help set things up.

Your combined efforts in soliciting donations and the sales of candy, soda, and bottled water realized a profit of $212 toward our Cownose Ray fund. Good job - I'm proud of you all!


Morehead City North Carolina Trip June 23 -28, 2004
If you are interested in attending this year's trip for some great wreck and shark diving aboard the Diver Down in Atlantic Beach, North Carolina, let Jim Carozza know ASAP as spots are filling up quickly. We have 4 members from the NEADC going so far along with friends from the Laurel Divers club from Pennsylvania (they have about 9 booked already). The boat holds 18 divers and we will be diving on Friday 6/25, Saturday 6/26, and Sunday 6/27. Transportation will be determined once we finalize who is going from the Boston area. We plan on driving down again this year and leaving on Wednesday evening or early Thursday morning. We will also be changing hotels to one that includes a pool for your after-diving relaxation. Diving is $85.00 per day for a 2-tank dive at 2 dive sites. This is not for a beginner diver and Nitrox certification is strongly recommended. Most dives range 100-120’ in depth. Water temp last year was 76-78 degrees with a vis of 60'-80' on average. *Deposit of $150.00 due now to hold your spot, made payable to "Laurel Divers". Balance will be due in May for the diving costs. Please see or call Jim Carozza @ (617) 966-0111for more info.


Boat Dives:

I’ve begun to put together the schedule for the 2004 season. I’m still waiting on final charter schedules from all of our local New England charters, with the exception of Fred Calhoun. As soon as I put some dates and descriptions for our scheduled season on the Web and in the newsletter, please sign up (write a check) so we can fill out the entire boat. This year, as in the past, I’ll be publishing the complete charter list for our area as soon as it is finalized. I’ve got about a dozen charters listed so far, ranging from Rhode Island to Rye, Maine. Keep an eye out for the charter listing and the scheduled boat dive list, and sign up for a dive! We need YOU to have a successful boat dive season.

Internet NEADC Forums:

Our Webmaster has done a fantastic job so far of updating and “jazzing up” the NEADC web site. Also, Steve has recently announced (and the Board beta tested) a “forum” addition to the website. Being a “techie” myself, I use this type of thing all of the time for work and other interests. The really cool thing about forums is that they happen in real time. Sometimes it is difficult to coordinate shore dive changes and other last minute club schedule changes. With an Internet forum, members can “post” messages in real time. That is, as soon as someone posts a message, it is available to others to read and respond to. If we (members) actually use this, information will move across the club at the speed of light (ok, the speed of the Internet). Please log on, register and use the new NEADC forums and feel free to add to, or argue with my top 10 preferred equipment list.


March General Meeting Activity:

If you attended the March meeting, you may recall that I stood up just before the vote to approve funding for the rays to give a plug to the Bay State Council of Divers (http://www.geocities.com/baystatecouncil/index.htm). Given the reaction from the crowd, I’m not too sure the message was received as I intended it. So, for sake of clarity, I’ll give a brief explanation and point out the objective I was attempting to accomplish. At the recent 50th anniversary Sea Rovers clinic, I took a bit of time out and sat in on a lecture about the current state of the Massachusetts Artificial Reef Program (http://www.state.ma.us/dfwele/dmf/programsandprojects/artificia.htm). The speaker was Vin Malkowski from the Marine Fisheries Department. He gave a brief “state of the reef address” and tried to explain where the program is going in the future.

When opened up for questions, there was a heated back and forth debate about what has been done in the past and whose interest the state really serves. Being that this is Massachusetts, I’m quite aware that everything involves politics. However, I’ve dove on dozens of wrecks in Florida (Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Keys), North Carolina, and the Caribbean and have done a bit of digging around as to the economic and environmental impact of artificial reefs (known to most divers as sunken shipwrecks). It has always astounded me that we do not do more of this in the NE area so I listened to the argument. When the question was asked, “what can WE do as a community of divers to further this project,” the answer was predictable: volunteer to help. So I did. The civilian side of this effort is channeled through the Bay State Council. So I gave them my five bucks and signed up to help. I’ve known all of these things for over 15 years - I just have not been involved until now.

I was not trying to throw rocks at the dedicated folks that have quietly given their precious time and efforts for years to the Council. I was also not trying to bash anyone for lack of commitment to this effort. In fact, the club has a long productive history of helping the Council as an organization. What I WAS after was to get you, a diver, to give up your $5, join the Council, and get involved personally. If you don’t believe in the reef program (some REALLY don’t), that’s fine, just stay involved and show up for the legislative meetings. There IS power in numbers and the SCUBA community can use all the numbers we can get right now. All I was trying to do was convey my passion for diving and incite folks to get involved, stay informed, and have an opinion.

So for the hard core BSC initiated, thanks for the help and keep up the good work. For those that don’t know what I’m talking about, look up the Council, join and get involved. If you don’t, do not complain when we get legislated out of access to our fabulous New England Shores. The viability of a stable artificial reef program that will benefit divers (as well as fish and fishermen) is a discussion for another day. However, if we don’t participate (more than a handful), we don’t have a right to argue with current efforts. If we do participate, only then will we have the right to stand up at these meetings and ask what the next step is. What are you waiting for? Get out there and DIVE, DIVE, DIVE!!!!

Editor’s Note: The Bay State Council is also very active in keeping all public beaches accessible to divers to dive from (this is the “Free the Beaches” program). You may have recently heard about what is going on in Rockport and Old Garden Beach. Your $5 will help keep those areas free for divers to use.


Welcome to the start of the 2004 dive season. Spring has arrived and it is time to plan the club's dives for the year.

Some of the shore diving activities already in the works are bleach dives (pool dives for skill reviews and equipment checks), kayak dives (so we can paddle our way to bigger lobsters), and new member dives (a monthly dive for new and 'old' members to meet). Some club members have also expressed an interest in free diving. Thanks for the idea! Let's see what we can do...

Many of you have a favorite dive site on the New England coast. Why not schedule a date to meet other club members for a dive there? You do not need to be an expert, dive master or instructor to lead a club shore dive. Come to the dive planning meeting and let us know when you want to go out and we'll post your dive on the dive club calendar. All members and their families are welcome to attend - bring your ideas, your calendar, and your appetite!

All members who schedule and lead a shore dive will receive a nifty thank you gift from the dive club.

The Dive Planning Meeting will take place on Wednesday, April 28th at 6:30 PM. Location is the Hauser Board Room on the 22nd Floor of Gadsby Hannah LLP, which is at 225 Franklin Street in Boston. You must RSVP at shoredive@neadc.org in order to get into the building. Parking is available AFTER 4:30 PM for $7.00 at the Post Office Square Garage across the street from the building. Hope to see you all there!

Let the diving begin!


Thank you to all who contributed to the newsletter. Remember, all submissions need to be in writing, and are accepted via e-mail, on CD or floppy, or on paper. Please send your submissions to newsletter@neadc.org, or hand them to me at any club meeting. Thanks!

Our June issue is rapidly approaching, and will have information about almost anything dive related. Submissions for this special issue need to be received by May 15th.

April 17th is coming soon. Make sure you check out Wrecks 2004, presented by the MetroWest Dive Club (www.mwdc.org), and both of the Oceanic Research Group’s Benefits (Shark-A-Thon from 3-5 p.m., and the premiere of “The Silent Wrecks” from 7-9 p.m.), on the web at www.oceanicresearch.org/benefit.htm. Be sure to enter the raffle to be a Production Assistant on a shark dive in July!

Divers Introductions, always fun and interesting, will be held the following Saturday. This year, Wayne and Diane Russell will be showing New England and Bonaire slides. Tickets are $25 each, and can be reserved by calling Atlantic Aquasport at (603) 436-4443.

Many thanks to the people who helped with this newsletter. Your support is greatly appreciated! I wish you all fun and safe diving!


I am donating a GIANT OCEAN TANK DIVE for July 3rd, 2004. If you've always dreamed about diving in our Giant Ocean Tank, this is your perfect opportunity. We will be announcing the lucky winner at our June formal meeting (you do not have to be present to win -- just be the highest bidder). We will have the bidding form posted on our website - you can bid on-line or by phone to me. All the proceeds from this event will be used to finance our Cownose Ray Project.


October 2004 - Great White Sharks-Guadeloupe, Mexico - $2150 - only one spot left!!

January 15th-22nd, 2005 - DOMINICA - $1045, which includes: 7 nights hotel, 7 breakfasts, 7 dinners, 2 night dives, 5 days of 2-tank boat dives, unlimited shore dives, tanks, weights, and weight belt, kayaking, welcome rum punch, r/t airport transfers, service charges, and taxes. Reserve now - this trip fills up fast!

March 2005 - $1895 - All New Whale Shark Expeditions of Honduras- Shark Diver Lodge

Discover the shark diving adventure of a lifetime - an encounter with the ocean's largest shark, the Whale Shark. The new inclusive "Shark Diver Lodge," located in the crystal waters of the Caribbean in the Honduras, is the latest amazing shark dive destination. Little was known about this site until just recently, when once again reports from local fishermen and scientists came in of these magnificent animals just off the coast. Absolute divers visited the site in early 2004, where diving with the Whale Sharks truly is an incredible experience. This is your chance to be one of the first shark divers to encounter these 30-50 foot leviathans in 100-foot visibility and all just a short 5-hour average flight away. While you are there, fish for world-class Tarpon, Snook, and Bonefish; dive the multitude of regular reefs surrounding the island; or just sit on the white sands of the Caribbean and soak up the sun. It is all included. Located just off the coast of Honduras in the warm clear waters of the Caribbean, our inclusive Shark Diver Lodge features three dive boats for unlimited regular diving along reefs, walls, and open water pinnacles. Discover fan corals, Groupers, Spotted Eagle Rays and more. Plus enjoy roomy accommodations in your private tropical waterfront bungalows. Our lodge also features kayaks, great food, a game room with pool table, and satellite television.

May 2005 - Bahamas Live-aboard- the most amazing live aboard in the Caribbean - swimming with dolphins, incredible shark dives, and virgin reefs.

For information on any of these trips or to enter a bid, please contact Al Bozza at (617) 212-9108, programs@neadc.org.


There are so many new things happening at the Dive Club. Keep checking the newsletter and our website to get the latest information. Most of you may find the new Forum feature on our website to be quite valuable - see the article in this issue. We have over 400 members in our club so I believe we can offer each other so much to share and learn.

Looking forward, we would like to continue with our efforts to help the New England Aquarium’s financial hard times. We are close to collecting enough funds for the two Cownose Rays and are considering another project to fund. Come to our next informal meeting to see the NEAq’s wish list and let us know which project you’d like to see us address.

FROM YOUR ENVIRONMENTAL AFFAIRS DIRECTOR Alicia Lenci                                                                                             

There are proposed changes to the recreational lobster fishery,
which include a recreational bag limit of 10 lobsters per day.
Watch the Massachusetts Department of Marine Fisheries website, www.state.ma.us/dfwele/dmf for schedules and more details.
At this point, we believe that the hearings will take place in May.

Mark your calendars for these fun events. For info, contact Alicia @ (617) 285-6737, environmental@neadc.org.

Sat, April 24, 2004                           Earth Day Dive/Cleanup on Cape Ann; Day Specific Photo Contest

Sun, May 23, 2004                          BSC/South Shore Neptunes Annual Treasure Hunt. Join the NEADC TEAM!

Sat, July 17, 2004                            GAFC – Halibut Shores - Advanced Dive; Stage Fort Park for NEADC Picnic

Sat, Sept. 25, 2004                          CoastSweep 2004/NEU Marine Lab Open House; Cleanup - Great Family Event - Prizes!

More to come throughout the dive season. Check the Dive Calendar on the website, www.neadc.org, and in the newsletters.


New England Aquarium Fish Collecting Trip  - April 24 to May 4, 2004

Join New England Aquarium Dive Experts on a Tropical Adventure in the Bahamas!

Certified SCUBA divers age 18 and older are invited to join staff from Boston’s New England Aquarium on a fish collecting expedition to the Exuma Cays and Crooked Islands, Bahamas, from April 24 – May 4, 2004. Bring back more than just the traditional slide show for friends and family as you collect colorful reef fishes and invertebrates for the Aquarium’s popular 200,000-gallon Giant Ocean Tank exhibit and other tropical exhibits.

This unusual “working” dive vacation is open to both beginners and experienced divers, and it is a great opportunity to dive with and learn from Aquarium professionals. After your arrival in Nassau, Bahamas, via Florida, hop aboard the R/V Coral Reef II, your home for the trip. The 11-day adventure features dive sites throughout the Bahamas in the Exumas Cays area, Conception Island, and the Crooked Islands (new location!). You will dive and collect in some of the most beautiful underwater sites in the world. The last day of the trip is spent in Miami preparing fishes for shipment to the

New England Aquarium in Boston. Then, see your hard work displayed at the Aquarium, which entertains and educates more than 1.6 million visitors each year from all over the world.

Trip fees are $3850.00 for Aquarium members and $3895.00 for non-members (with options). Trip fees include airfare from Boston, transfers, shipboard accommodations on the R/V Coral Reef II (with all meals), diving (except tanks and weights), and a rare opportunity to dive in the Aquarium’s 200,000-gallon Giant Ocean Tank.

For more information, or to reserve your space, call Holly Martel Bourbon,

Senior Aquarist/DSO, at 617-973-5248 (Tuesdays through Saturdays) or e-mail Holly at hbourbon@neaq.org.

PLEASE NOTE: Interested participants are encouraged to reserve early, as space is limited on this popular dive trip.  Trips are subject to change.


Now you have no excuse not to go diving this summer.

   Free Air

Limit 2 tanks per diver per day.
Tanks must have current visual and hydrostatic inspection.

Text Box: start here, dive anywhere...

For details contact PG Dive.

PG Dive LLC, 212 Adams Street, Newton, MA 02458

www.pgdive.com | 617-969-3483 | divewithus@pgdive.com


Mystic River Herring Run
5K Road Race

Sunday, May 2, 2004

1:00 PM

Blessing of the Bay Boathouse

Info: www.mysticriver.org/

The 8th Annual Mystic Herring Run is a 5K road race along the banks of the Mystic River in Somerville and Medford. It highlights the work of the Alewife/Mystic River Advocates and the Mystic River Watershed Association on behalf of the watershed.

Alewife/Mystic River Advocates (AMRA) is an urban, multi-community advocacy group working to promote public awareness of the Alewife Brook/Mystic River system. Our goals are to restore ecological integrity and vitality, and enhance recreational opportunities within the river through watershed-based management.

Mystic River Watershed Association (MyRWA) is a community-based, private non-profit organization committed to the protection and restoration of the Mystic River, its tributaries and related natural resources throughout the basin’s twenty-one communities. We are advocates for improved water quality, reduced flooding, open space protection, habitat restoration, and greater public awareness of and access to the Mystic River and its tributaries.

So come run the river! Prizes for winners include gift certificates to local restaurants, sporting goods stores, fitness centers and more!! For more info: http://www.mysticriver.org/.


Spring 2004 Eelgrass Transplants: There are many dates in late May and June for the harvesting and transplanting of eelgrass in Rhode Island. Check the NEADC website for more info, as well as next month’s newsletter, or contact Michelle Denault at mdenault@savebay.org or (401) 272-3540, ext. 114.


Let’s all welcome the following new NEADC members: David Basti, Robert Blake III, Timothy Emhoff, Ivan Faneytte, Larry Gable, Cheryl Hill, Sharon Magnolo, Dallas Hughes, Gary Jordan, Yvonne Leung, John Lyons, Susan Mulcahy, Hedie Racine, Raul Raudales Jr., and Douglas Woodbury.

O.R.G. Benefits: Shark-A-Thon and “The Silent Wrecks” Film Premiere

WHEN: Saturday, April 17, 2004               WHERE: Nevins Hall, Framingham, MA. See website for directions.

• 3:00-5:00 P.M. - Shark-A-Thon for kids! This exciting event will feature a shark video and a shark slide show. Jonathan Bird will sign copies of his new book Adventures with Sharks.

• 7:00-9:00 P.M. - The world premiere of the film, The Silent Wrecks of Kwajalein Atoll.

ADMISSION: Free. Donations will be gladly accepted. There will be raffles, door prizes, beverages, T-shirts, videos, books, and posters at both events.

HOSTS: Jonathan Bird, author, cinematographer, producer and Art Cohen, the “Voice of ORG”.

This event is to benefit the Oceanic Research Group’s Streaming Video Project for schools.

For more information, check our website www.oceanicresearch.org. Thank you!


For the 3rd year, DUI will be hosting a fantastic weekend diving opportunity at Stage Fort Park in Gloucester, MA on May 22-23. DUI is best known for its drysuits and we will be bringing over 75 suits for divers to demo in the ocean that weekend. This is a great chance to try out some new gear and also to have a fun dive day with divers from all over New England. DUI wants to celebrate the fun of local diving with you and hope you will join us for a great weekend of diving and camaraderie. In addition to diving in the latest gear from DUI, we will have Reefmaster digital cameras to demo, a lunch barbeque each day, a pig roast dinner on Saturday night and informative and fun presentations throughout the weekend.

Since we know how important dive clubs are to the local diver, we are also inviting the local dive clubs to have a table at the event where you can advertise membership and your events. Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries will also be there for those who have questions about lobster regulations, etc. On Sunday, the Bay State Council of Divers will be running their annual Treasure Hunt. Stage Fort Park will definitely be the place to be on May 22nd and 23rd. We hope you will join us in celebrating local diving this May!

If you have any questions, please contact me at faith@dui-online.com or call 800-325-8439, or check on-line at http://www.dui-online.com/newsite/dog_main_2004.htm. Thanks, Faith Ortins, DUI VP, and former New Englander.


The Rhode Island Marine Archeology Project 2004 Educational Offerings




Intro U/W Archaeology

April 17 and June 26

9 am – 4 pm

Site Mapping in U/W Archaeology

April 18

9 am – 4 pm

Ethics & Evaluation of Artifact Collections

April 25

2-4 pm

Measured Drawings for Archaeology

May 1

2-4 pm

Ship Construction for U/W Archeology

May 15

2-4 pm

Small Boat Construction & What to do Before you Buy*

May 16

2-4 pm

Shipwrecks & National Register of Historic Places

May 22

2-4 pm

Artifact Management*

May 23

2-4 pm

Remote Sensing in U/W Archaeology

June 5

1-4 pm

Submerged Prehistoric Archaeology*

June 6

1-3 pm

RI in the Revolution

June 12

1-3 pm

Safe Boat Handling for Archaeology

June 13

1-3 pm

Archaeological Photography

June 1

1-3 pm

Intro to U/W Archaeology

June 26

9 am – 4 pm

*Sample class or New addition                                          For more information, please contact www.rimap.org .

REEF's Nova Scotia Field Survey - First in the Northeast

A quietness remains on the reservations end for the Nova Scotia Field Survey. Unfortunately, REEF will have to cancel this trip by late April if we do not get divers signed up on this trip. Were you thinking of calling to save a space but haven't picked up that phone yet? This is your chance! For reservations or to receive a flyer with more information on this trip, please contact Sarah at Dive Reservations by calling 888-363-3345 or e-mailing reef@diveres.com.


SECONN SCUBA Swap Meet: is on Sunday on April 18, 2004, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m., at the Polish American Club, 85 Maple Ave., Montville, CT. For more info and directions, visit www.seconndivers.org.


WRECKS 2004 MetroWest Dive Club's 12th Annual Wrecks Symposium

"It's not just for wreck divers!"

Saturday, April 17, 2004

The Metro West Dive Club is proud to announce the 12th annual "Wrecks" show that covers wreck diving as well as other activities to all divers. We have assembled a world-class line-up of speakers for this year's event.

The show begins at 8:15 a.m., with four presentations throughout the day.

For more information, please e-mail wrecks@mwdc.org.



Dive   Snorkel   Kayak   Beachcomb!

Join the New England Aquarium Dive Club for a


When?     Saturday, April 24, 2004     10 am – 3 pm             Where?    Lane’s Cove, Gloucester, MA

Why?       You love the North Atlantic!  And…

                 This popular fishing, boating, diving, sunset viewing site needs some underwater and shoreline   clean-up. The early season enables us to get to trash and rogue fishing gear near the seawall

                 (later in the year, too many fishermen and boat traffic makes cleaning up difficult for divers).

                 There is also a PHOTO CONTEST! Take photos of this special event and enter your photo to

                 win prizes. First prize is an underwater camera! (Photos can be above and/or below the water

                 but must be of this event - see Alicia for more contest rules).

Contact?         Alicia Lenci, Environmental Affairs, (617) 285-6737 or environmental@neadc.org.

COWNOSE RAYS - WHAT’S COOL ABOUT THEM Trish Katzman, Membership Director

Our club is raising funds to bring two cownose rays to the Giant Ocean Tank at the New England Aquarium. Why are these rays so cool? Well, they have broad wings and long tails like all rays, but the cownose ray has a notch on its head that makes it look like a two-headed creature. It has eyes on each “head” that gives it a slight resemblance to the hammerhead shark.

Speaking of sharks, cownose rays belong to the same class as sharks, Elasmobranch, which refers to animals that have cartilage instead of bones. Your impression of cartilage may be the squishy soft structure of our noses and ears. However, cownose rays are voracious eaters of clams, oysters and other invertebrates. So, how can they crush shells that are harder than their own jaws? Adam Summers, a biologist at the University of California, Berkley, has studied the cownose ray and learned that their jaw cartilage is calcified which makes it much stiffer than our cartilage. Also, cownose rays are born with bracing struts in their cartilage, which makes their jaws exceptionally stiff. Another interesting aspect of the cownose ray jaw is its asymmetric design. They can hold a clam in one side of their jaw while the muscles on the other side operate, acting just like a nutcracker! The divers at the New England Aquarium will have to watch their fingers as they feed these animals.

Once the cownose rays arrive at the New England Aquarium, we will get to watch their majestic presence as they fly around the 200,000-gallon tank. In the past, cownose rays thrived in the environment of the Giant Ocean Tank. They even interacted with the divers, showing their curious and fun-loving behavior.

Two 4-year-old cownose rays from an aquarium in Virginia are in need of a new home. We hope to raise enough funds to bring them to the New England Aquarium and enjoy them for their lifetime, which can be at least ten years in the pampered conditions of our aquarium.

Cownose Ray Fundraising Activities

50/50 Raffle at General Meetings: The winner gets half the collection and the cownose rays get the other half of the collection. Members and non-members are welcome!

Direct Donations: Anyone can donate directly to the cownose ray fundraiser. Donations are tax deductible. Please contact either Trish Katzman, Membership Director at membership@neadc.org or Jim Carozza, Business Manager at business@neadc.org.

Do you have ideas? We are always looking for ideas to raise funds. If you would like to help out, please let us know. Some people are donating items for us to raffle. 


The Rhode Island Scuba Expo, hosted by The Diverdors Dive Club

This event is for the benefit of establishing an Artificial Reef Program in Rhode Island coastal waters. All net profits from this event will be used to professionally install and maintain moorings on some of the most dived wrecks and rock piles in Rhode Island waters. Tickets for this event are $15.

Scheduled guest speakers and topics:

·         Billy Campbell: German U-boat U853 sunk by the U.S. Navy off Block Island at the end of World War II.

·         Gary Gentile: Stories about his record number of dives on the Andrea Doria.

·         Text Box: Sunday, April 25th 
Noon to 5 pm.

Text Box: Portuguese American Club
11 Pemberton Street
(off Narragansett Ave.)
Jamestown, RI

Captain Billy Palmer: Aspects of diving on the USS Bass, an American submarine resting in 160 feet of water south of Block Island.

For tickets, please contact your local dive shop or contact the Diverdors Dive Club at diverdors@cox.net.  Seating is limited to 200.

Diverdors Dive Club, Blackstone Municipal Building

Saint Paul Street, Blackstone, MA 01504


Join us for an early Spring journey onboard the Voyager II for a day of seeking the great Rights, Humpbacks, and Atlantic White-sided Dolphins on Stellwagen Bank. Voyager II is the whale watch vessel of the New England Aquarium and is crewed by knowledgeable and enthusiastic naturalists who will identify and provide information on the species we will see. They also conduct an informational tour as we motor out of Boston Harbor. The Voyager II is equipped with educational materials including a computerized fluke identification station, Loran and chart station, live-well and whale biofacts. 

When: Sunday, April 25,

2004 at 9:30 a.m.

Boat returns between

1-2:00 p.m.


Where:      New England Aquarium, Central Wharf. Meet in front of the Whale Watch Kiosk on the Aquarium Plaza.

What to Bring:   Lots of warm, weather-resistant clothing and waterproof no-slip shoes. The weather can be                                 wet, wild, and cold on Stellwagen, even if it is warm and sunny dockside so bundle up!

                           Food service available on board or you may bring your own. (NO GLASS or ALCOHOL, please.)
                           Binoculars, Camera and Film
                           LOTS OF ENTHUSIASM
                           Sea sickness preventive is HIGHLY recommended

Tickets:      Tickets are: Adults - $25.20; Children (under 18) - $16.50 (children must be at least 3 yrs. old and 30" tall); Seniors (60+) and College ID - $22.84 and must be paid with reservation.

No. of Adult Tickets     ______                        X                      $25.20 =          $______.
No. of Sr./College Tickets        ______            X                      $22.84 =          $______.

No. of Child Tickets      ______                        X                      $16.50  =          $______.         TOTAL $_____
Please make checks payable to NEADC. By Mail: NEADC c/o P.O. Box 70, Raynham, MA 02767

CITY:                                                   STATE:                        ZIP CODE:                               
PHONE:      (     )                                   E-MAIL:                                                          

For more information, please contact Maryhelen at (508) 821-4704,

e-mail: president@neadc.org.


Do you ever wish you could use our dive club to find a buddy, get information on upcoming club dives, or exchange information about dive equipment? Or how about being able to ask questions about the Aquarium and get a staff member or volunteer to answer you?

We now have a new discussion forum for our club that will provide you with an easy way to do exactly that and more! The forum is interactive so we hope that you will enjoy sharing your knowledge and learning from others. It’s not an e-mail list. Instead, it’s simply a section on our website for you to post or read. You can browse without registering. We have started with a few interesting announcements for you to read. However, when you are ready to post messages, you will need to register. The information you provide during the registration process will NOT be forwarded to a third party.

Check it out! The link is http://neadc.proboards28.com, or go to our website www.neadc.org and click "Forum" on the top of the screen. Please read the forum policies before posting.

We hope you enjoy this new benefit of your New England Aquarium Dive Club!

New England Aquarium Dive Club

2004 Shore Diving and Event Calendar

The leaders for a dive may cancel or modify their dive plans so please contact him or her prior to the dive date. Likewise, if you confirm attendance but then cannot attend a dive for any reason, please notify the dive leader as soon as possible, so that the group does not wait for you at the meeting site on the day of the dive. Note:  Meeting minutes are posted on www.neadc.org.







  Apr 17




  Wrecks 2004

 MetroWest Dive Club

 Framingham, MA

 See Article this issue

  Apr 17



 Oceanic Research Group

 Benefit - Shark-A-Thon


 Framingham, MA

 See Article this issue

  Apr 17



 Oceanic Research Group

 Benefit - Film Premiere


 Framingham, MA

 See Article this issue

Apr 18(Sun)


SECONN Scuba Swap Meet


  Montville, CT

 See Article this issue

  Apr 21



 Dive Club General Meeting


 Immersion Theater,
 New England Aquarium

 Cocos Island; dinner following meeting at local restaurant

  Apr 24



 Earth Day Dive/Clean-Up

Alicia Lenci, (617) 285-6737 environmental@neadc.org

 Lane’s Cove,

 Gloucester, MA

 See Article this issue

  Apr 24



 Divers Intro

  Atlantic Aquasport

   (603) 436-4443


  Portsmouth, NH

 New England & Bonaire slideshow

  Wayne & Diane Russell

  Apr 25




 NEADC Whale Watch

  Maryhelen, (508) 821-4704


  Whale Watch Kiosk,

New England Aquarium

 See Article this issue

  Apr 25



 Rhode Island Scuba Expo

  Diverdors Dive Club


  Portuguese American

  Club, Jamestown, RI

 See Article this issue

  Apr 28



 Dive Planning Meeting

 Genevieve Stewart


 Gadsby Hannah LLP

 Boston, MA


  May 5



 Dive Club Informal Meeting:

 Dinner and NEADC

 newsletter assembly

  Tom and Tina Kemper

      (508) 655-0546

 Wayland, MA


  May 12



 Bay State Council of Divers



 South Shore Neptunes

 Clubhouse Quincy, MA


  May 19



 Dive Club General Meeting


 Conference Center,
 New England Aquarium

 Dinner following meeting at local



For Sale:

FINS: (1) pair of Scubapro Jet Fins; X-large; black; w/ strap pulls; now $50. Leonor Desmarais (508) 485-4903.

BCD:  SeaQuest Spectrum II; small ladies'; black with blue trim on pockets; 1992 issue, regularly inspected; comes with original manual; $30.Please contact Leonor Desmarais at (508) 485-4903.

New England Aquarium Dive Club Membership Form

Type of Membership:                                                               New _____              Renewal _____

Has your address changed since last renewal?                      No_____                 Yes_____                previous town _________________

New England Aquarium Membership Categories: Choose One:

(Membership in Dive Club requires current membership in New England Aquarium)

q       Individual                        $45.00  +          Dive Club Membership $15.00    =          $60.00

q       Couple/Family              $80.00  +          Dive Club Membership $15.00    =          $95.00

q       Quartermaster            $100.00  +          Dive Club Membership $15.00    =       $115.00

q       Master Mariner           $150.00  +          Dive Club Membership $15.00    =       $165.00

q       Friend of Aquarium    $250.00  +          Dive Club Membership $15.00    =       $265.00

Total Amount Enclosed $________ (Dive Club dues plus Aquarium membership)

Name _____________________________________________________                            Phone ____________________________

Address ___________________________________________________                            E-mail ____________________________

City _____________________________               State _______         Zip _______

Please make your check payable to “New England Aquarium” or charge to:

MasterCard                            Visa                       Discover                               American Express

Signature _____________________________

Account # ___________________________________ Expiration __________ Amount $ ______________

Mail to:     Membership Dept. New England Aquarium, Central Wharf, Boston MA  02110

Requirements for Dive Club Membership include current membership in the New England Aquarium and payment of Dive Club dues.  New members receive a New England Aquarium membership card marked “DIVER”.  IF YOU ARE ALREADY A MEMBER OF THE AQUARIUM, send your membership card, Dive Club dues payment and this application to the Membership Department.  Your membership card will be returned marked “DIVER”.  If you have any questions, please call the Aquarium Membership Office at 617-973-6555/6564.

Central Wharf, Boston, MA  02110