July 2004    

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Immersion Theater at New England Aquarium
Wednesday, July 21st, 2004

 6:30 p.m.

NEADC Private Tour of the New Exhibit


conducted by Sherrie Floyd,

Senior Aquarist at the New England Aquarium


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The August Informal Meeting will be held on Wednesday, August 4th, at 6:30 pm, hosted by Al and Wendy Bozza. The location is at their NEW home at 8 Crossbow Road, Norfolk, MA. Phone #: (508) 528-4933. If you have never attended an informal before, let this be your first! Spend an evening having a great meal and socializing with the other dive club members, while assisting with the folding and stamping of our newsletters.


From Route 495: Take Route 495 South to Exit 15 (Route 1A). Take Route 1A toward Wrentham, following it about 2 miles to the lights in Wrentham Center. Staying on Route 1A, go straight, through the traffic lights and follow Route 1A and Route 115. Take a left onto Route 115 and follow it for about 2 1/2 miles to a stop sign. Take a left at the stop sign onto Union Street. Follow Union Street for about 1/2 a mile and take a right onto Grove Street. Take your first right onto Crossbow Road and follow the road around to the left. Our house is at the end of the cul-de-sac, up a long driveway.

From Route 128: Take Route 128 South to Route 95. Take Route 95 South and get off at Exit 9 (Route 1). Follow Route 1 South for about 5 miles, passing Foxboro Stadium on your left. After you pass Foxboro Stadium, at the first set of traffic lights, take a right onto Pine Street. The Lafayette House will be on your right. Follow Pine Street for about 1/4 of a mile to a stop sign. Take a right at the stop sign. This puts you on Route 115. Follow Route 115 for about 2 1/2 miles to a stop sign. Take a left at the stop sign onto Union Street. Follow Union Street for about 1/2 a mile and take a right onto Grove Street. Take your first right onto Crossbow Road and follow the road around to the left. Our house is at the end of the cul-de-sac, up a long driveway.

From Route 93: Take Route 93 South to Route 95. Take Route 95 South and get off at Exit 9 (Route 1). Follow directions above.


2004 New England Aquarium
Dive Club Officers

Maryhelen Shuman-Groh
P. O. Box 70
Raynham, MA 02767
(508) 821-4704

Dick Whitehouse
(508) 947-0063

Business Manager
Jim Carozza

Boat Dive Coordinator
Rick Rosa

Shore Dive Coordinator
Genevieve Stewart

Newsletter Editor
Kerry Hurd

Program Director
Al Bozza
(508) 528-4933

Membership Director
Trish Katzman

Anna Krowczynska

Environmental Affairs
Alicia Lenci
(617) 285-6737

Steve Whitford

NEADC Voice Mail
Please call (617) 973-0240.

NEADC Website
Look for updated information on our website, www.neadc.org, graciously hosted by
Jake and Linda Richter.


If you haven't taken a look at the forum recently, it's getting really active. At the beginning of the month, I used the board to find a buddy for my night dive, and I see more people looking for buddies now.

I've also started a thread where members can post reviews of the area's dive sites. All the details are on the forum, and if you write a review, I'll credit you for it when it gets on the website! Even if someone has already written about your favorite (or least favorite) site, add your two cents. The more info about each site, the better.

All the shore dives are on the website, as are info about all the boat captains that give discounts, and links to dive store schedules. If you know of any other stores that post their schedules online, send me an e-mail. Thanks!


Thank you to all who contributed to the newsletter. Your support is greatly appreciated!. Remember, all submissions need to be in writing, and are accepted via e-mail, on CD or floppy, or on paper. Please send your submissions to newsletter@neadc.org, or hand them to me at any General or Informal Meeting. Thanks!


You haven’t heard from me for a while, so I decided that is time again to add my five cents.

I was just talking with my dive buddies about why so few people dive locally, and what to do to encourage more people to go diving. Some of you who dive locally, probably think oh no, no more competition for the few available parking spaces on Cape Ann! Please relax, there are more places to dive besides Cape Ann in New England. There is the South Shore, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Maine - plenty of great dive sites for everybody.

So what’s holding people back?

First, there are a lot of misconceptions about the diving here – no, it’s not that cold, dark, and with nothing to see. We don’t have coral reefs, but there are plenty of nifty creatures and fish to watch beneath the Northern Atlantic. Once you venture out and stick your head underwater, you will change your mind very quickly.

Second, shore diving - it’s a lot of work. That’s true, you have to pack the car, drive to the site, lug your equipment to the beach, and after the dive, pack your wet stuff, bring it home and rinse it. But the whole effort is rewarded by the dive itself! Believe me it’s worth it. And always you can go boat diving – still you have to bring your stuff, but the entrance and exit are much easier.

Third, lack of equipment – if you are a serious diver, you should invest in your own equipment and you will be diving much more frequent. If you don’t want to spend all that money, there are always rentals. Some dive shops even have rent-to-own programs. Once you have your own equipment, the only cost is an air fill, which you can get for free at PG Dive! So what’s holding you back?

Stop making excuses and join us for shore or boat dives. See you in the water!

NOTE: The opinions expressed within this newsletter are those of the writers, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the New England Aquarium or the New England Aquarium Dive Club.

The Editor reserves the right to edit all submitted material for the sake of grammar, clarity, and space.


Three new cownose rays are now in the Giant Ocean Tank at the New England Aquarium. I was hoping to let you all know the exact date of their arrival, but the date kept changing. Anyway, they are fun to watch. They act like puppies as they zoom around the tank checking everything out. They are very curious and seek attention from the divers. Myrtle even seems to enjoy them.

The weather is now warm enough for wetsuit diving. I hope you check out our dive calendar and join us on a bunch of dives this season. If you have new gear and want to test it out in a safe environment, attend one of our Monday night bleach dives at the Newton YMCA. You can test your gear in the pool for free. If you plan to go, please contact our Shore Dive Coordinator.

Hope to see you soon.


Great Annual Fish Count Survey

                                    There will be an optional survey on several dives throughout the year.

                                    NO EXPERIENCE necessary for fish surveys. There will be a brief                                          commando-style crash course at the site, for anyone who missed the fish

                                    identification seminars.


FORMAL PRESENTATIONS: Due to space limitations, we only post the next general speaker information. Starting July 1st, you can visit our website and read about upcoming speakers.


JANUARY 15th-22nd 2005 - DOMINICA - $1045, which includes: 7 nights hotel, 7 breakfasts, 7 dinners, 2 night dives, 5 days of 2-tank boat dives, unlimited shore dives, tanks, weights, and weight belt, kayaking, welcome rum punch, r/t airport transfers, service charges, and taxes. Reserve now - this trip fills fast! (8 people have already signed up!!).

MARCH 2005 - ALL NEW WHALE SHARK EXPEDITIONS OF HONDURAS-SHARK DIVER LODGE - $1895- Discover the shark diving adventure of a lifetime - an encounter with the ocean's largest shark, the Whale Shark. The new inclusive "Shark Diver Lodge", located in the crystal waters of the Caribbean in the Honduras, is the latest amazing shark dive destination. Little was known about this site until just recently, when once again reports from local fishermen and scientists came in search of these magnificent animals just off the coast. Absolute divers visited the site early 2004, where diving with the Whale Sharks truly is an incredible experience. This is your chance to be one of the first shark divers to encounter these 30-50 foot leviathans in 100ft visibility and all just a short 5-hour average flight away. While you are there, fish for world class Tarpon, Snook, and Bonefish; dive the multitude of regular reefs surrounding the island; or just sit on the white sands of the Caribbean and soak up the sun. It is all included. Located just off the coast of Honduras in the warm clear waters of the Caribbean, our inclusive Shark Diver Lodge features three dive boats for unlimited regular diving along reefs, walls, and open water pinnacles. Discover fan corals, Groupers, Spotted Eagle Rays and more. Plus enjoy roomy accommodations in your private tropical waterfront bungalows. Our lodge also features kayaks, great food, and a game room with pool table, and satellite television.

For information on any of these trips, please contact Al Bozza at (617) 212-9108, programs@neadc.org.


To understand and observe an otherwise inaccessible environment. SCUBA provides a medium for us to discover marine life, history (especially wrecks), and witness how strong nature can be (just look at the beach after a New England winter).


Do an ANDROS Bahamas long weekend with the crew of EASY DIVER: Pat Walsh, Peter Donahue, Chris Christensen, and Fred Calhoun.

Fly November 5, return November 10………….……5 nights (4 days of diving) double occupancy

divers: $1355……………….non-divers: $1115……………includes round trip from Ft. Lauderdale

Dive the ANDROS barrier reef, where we filmed most of our movies in the mid 60s. If you're into video, bring the stuff along and we'll help you shoot an epic!

Fred Calhoun, Apple Ridge 2-6, Maynard, MA 01754; 1-978-897-0877.


Dave Clancy (largely responsible for the Free The Beaches law) is running his second dive trip to Nova Scotia in August (inspired by one he went on that I ran about 1982). The URL is http://wreckhunter.net/ns-trip-blurb-2004.htm I plan to go, and do it in a wetsuit. - submitted by Alan Budreau.

  I just wanted to let you know that our new Scuba teaching company, Scuba Six Divers, is running a trip to dive at Dutch Springs, PA in August. You can find details at www.scubasixdivers.com. It looks like the trip will be a lot of fun, and we'll be offering Advanced and Nitrox certifications for those who would like them. - submitted by David Bernstein.

Please visit www.BuoyancyQuest.com and check out the 9th Annual Fall Dive Trip to COZUMEL, 24 October to 3 November. $1745.00 per diver. THESE TRIPS ARE DEDICATED TO IMPROVING YOUR BUOYANCY SKILLS. Go to “What’s New.”

I am looking for a small group to go with me, to do 7 Days Cave Diving Certification, with Steve Gerrard, highly recommended to me by Boston Sea Rovers, at the Maya Riviera this July 24-31.

I am looking for divers because it is less expensive to do it in a group. Total cost should be around $2,000, including Dive Certification, airfare, and accommodation. Airfare is around $400 Boston-Cancun return. Accommodation is 1 or 2 bedroom Condo at Puerto Adventuras ($60 per night; if 2, would be $30 each), an exclusive marina resort. Steve Gerrad can arrange the accommodation for us later.

The course includes all tanks, air, specialty equipment including Halcyon/DiveRite BCD wings, stainless steel backplate, DiveRite 50 watt primary light, reels/spools, seven-foot hose, dive site fees, refreshments, instruction, transportation to the dive sites, and certification fee.

Private Course .....$1295.00               Two students or more ..... $1075.00 each.

 $250.00 deposit required confirming course registration.

This complete course involves sixteen cave dives minimum with at least 1000 minutes of bottom time performed over a seven diving day period. All cave dives will be conducted with exposure to a wide variety of underwater cave conditions such as silt, halocline, silty or low visibility, circuits, traverses, gaps, jumps and T's, siphons, restrictions, referencing, conservation, exploration/surveying techniques and logistics.

Please look up the website: www.steve-gerrard.com.

If you are interested, I would like to hear from you. I am looking also for someone who is interested in helping the coordination. Thank you.

Deh Chien; dehchien@yahoo.com; 617-792-3808(mobile).



Okay, folks, here is your chance to win a signed, limited edition JOHN PERRY sculpture! As part of the NEADC Cownose Ray fund raising, this 24” Great White mounted on burlwood is being raffled off for only $5 per ticket. Only 100 tickets will be sold. Retail price of this piece is $175. Tickets are available at club informal and general meetings, or by calling Dick Whitehouse at (508) 947-0063.

Social Get-togethers for Everyone
by Trish Katzman, Membership Director

Come meet at Jose McIntyre’s prior to our next General Meeting on Wednesday, July 21, from 5:30-6:30 p.m. for drinks, appetizers, dinner, or to just say hi. Or if you are more of a late night person, we usually walk together to a dinner place after the meeting.

We offer both an early and later get-together to meet the variety of styles of our 500 members. These get-togethers are meant to help answer questions and talk with new or less active members. If you are an active member, come out with us and help us greet people!

If you don’t know anybody, just ask for me and I’d love to tell you about the latest club news and hear about your interests in diving. Hope to see you there!

Directions to Jose McIntyres at 160 Milk Street, Boston:
Jose’s is walking distance from the Aquarium.
· Park in the garage next to the Aquarium.
· Turn left when exiting the garage.
· Cross the street at the light.
· Walk straight to the upcoming block and look to your right.

Sad News for the Underwater World
from Maryhelen Shuman-Groh

I am relaying the following news from Dave Morton, the President of the Boston Sea Rovers. Although it was expected, it is still sad to see the passing of yet another diving pioneer. Frank was, however, proof-positive that divers live to ripe old ages!

Frank Scalli, one of the most well-known and beloved icons of the diving world, passed away Thursday, June 24th. Cards may be sent to Mary and the Family at 36 Thurston Point Rd., Gloucester, MA, 01930. The obituary was sent to the Boston Herald, Boston Globe, and Gloucester Times (all of which also have websites). In lieu of flowers, the Family has asked that anyone interested can make a donation, in Frank's honor, to: The Frank Scalli Annual Summer Internship, c/o Boston Sea Rovers, P.O. Box 935, Bedford, MA 01730-0935.

Please forward this information to all that you deem appropriate. For those not familiar with this Internship that was initiated last year during the 50th Clinic, please go to www.searovers.org for further information. We will be setting up a venue through that website for donations as well.

The Sea Rovers will be hosting a Memorial Tribute in the Fall in the Boston area, on a weekend after the dive season, as a fitting tribute for Frank and his legacy. There will be plenty of advance notice for those of you who want to pay tribute to him.

Dave Morton, President, Boston Sea Rovers


The limited edition Great White Shark sculpture by John Perry will be available for viewing at the picnic as well as at our informal and general meetings. It is being raffled off at $5 per ticket to raise funds so that our club can purchase "wish list" items for the Aquarium. There are only 100 tickets being sold so there are pretty good odds to win. This graceful piece retails for $174 plus tax. It surely would look great in YOUR home!

Quality clothing with the NEADC logo is available to order. See me at our meetings for info.
I wish you all safe and enjoyable diving. -Capt. Dick

The 2004 Northeast Invertebrate Workshop will be hosted by the New England Aquarium Dive Club, Inc. at the New England Aquarium on October 23, 2004 (Conference Center). This is an exclusive Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary diver education program, and the first of its kind in the United States. Contact Brandy Derickson at derickba@netzero.net to enroll.

Hi All,

It is time again to plan on participating in the largest GAFC diving event in the USA for 2 years in a row - let’s make it a 3rd!!

The Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary will be hosting their 3rd annual Sanctuary celebration event in conjunction with the Great Annual Fish Count on Saturday, July 17, 2004. This will be a joint event with the NEADC.

The event will be based at Stage Fort Park in Gloucester. We have the porch from 10:00am-4:00pm. Divers will need to select which dive site they wish to survey and pre-register with me for one of the following dive sites prior to the event: Folly Cove, Back Beach, Old Garden Beach, Magnolia Rocks, Cathedral Rocks, Halibut Shores, and Nubble Light, York, Maine.

Divers will meet directly at their survey location and begin their survey dives between 8 and 9 am, depending upon what time site leaders call for. There will be a volunteer shore coordinator for each location to assist with parking, etc. I would appreciate volunteers to step up for these positions. Alicia Lenci from NEADC has already volunteered for Halibut Shores.

All divers will then return to Stage Fort Park by 1 pm for lunch and our equipment raffle, which will be drawn at 2 pm. The lunch and raffle are free to all volunteer divers who conduct at least one survey dive on Saturday, 7/17/04.

Our raffle boasted over $6000.00 in dive equipment last year. This year’s raffle is looking to exceed that amount. Divers will all receive one (1) raffle ticket, regardless as to how many survey dives that have been conducted. Each diver will receive their raffle ticket when checking back in at the park after diving and turning in their completed scan forms. The diver will then select which grand prize they would like to win by placing their ticket in the appropriate bowl for that prize. All non-winning tickets will then be placed into a single bowl. Divers will select whatever they would like to take from the prize table in the order that each subsequent winning ticket is drawn.

This year we are looking for volunteers to help set up in the morning, and clean up and break down at the end of the day. Please let me know if you are interested in pitching in.

We will have free booth space available for any dive club, or non-profit environmental group. Just let me know if you are interested so we can arrange for a table and chairs for your group.

Remember - divers need to pre-register with me by July 14 prior to the event to qualify for the GAFC celebration and prizes.

Warmest regards,
Bob Michelson, SBNMS Fish ID Coordinator, e-mail pbm.inc@verizon.net.

Triple Treasure Hunting
by Kerry Hurd

Some recent diving I have done involved three types of treasure hunting.

The first one was on Saturday, May 22. The occasion was the “Splash for Trash,” organized by the Maine-iacs dive club. It took place in Boothbay Harbor, Maine, which is about a three-and-a-half hour trip for me. We arrived close to 9:30 a.m., in the rain. We had over a dozen divers, plus some shore (actually dock) support. The clean up took place at the Harbor itself, among the docks. We had steady rain all day, which made it rather comfortable to just stay in the drysuit. The “treasure” I sought was trash. I did pull up some old bottles and cans, but I really got distracted by all of the nudibranchs! There were several maned nudibranchs that were very large (~ 4-5”). I also spotted several red-gilled. After dropping off my third collection of trash, I descended with the video camera in hand. It’s strange finding nudibranchs on a silty bottom. I’m used to seeing them on a hard substrate (like a rock). It was rare for me to see so many nudibranchs without having to hunt them down. It was great!

maned nudibranch Maine-iac Sarah Plummer with some trash

The second one took place the following day, on Sunday, May 22, and is actually titled a “Treasure Hunt.” It’s the annual event put on by the Bay State Council of Divers, and is always a fun time! The location is Stage Fort Park in Gloucester, Ma. Divers enter the water searching for washers. The BSC always gets some great prizes to hand out - thanks to all of the contributors! Each diver is rewarded with raffle tickets, based on how many washers the diver retrieves. Without becoming too distracted by the snails, hermit crabs, a very large toad crab, and the few fish that were out, I came up with more than enough washers. After a lunch from the Cupboard (others brought their own), we sat down and waited for the drawing. This year, I only won one item, but it is something I have wanted for a while - a 100-lb lift bag! (Well, actually, it’s a certificate for the lift bag, so I’ll have to visit Undersea Divers in Beverly. Mass., sometime soon.)

The third one took place over three days, and involved a trip to Venice, Florida. The treasure this time was fossilized shark teeth! I did two dives a day, and pulled up an average of over 45 teeth per dive - which I thought was pretty good (just don’t ask that show-off Don Eva how many he got!). We also searched along a couple of the beaches, and found several dozen more. It was a very fun trip and we are already planning next year’s!

the Florida group - Jean Stefanik, Kem Taylor, Steve Whitford, Gayla Hughgill, Kerry’s finds on Day 3 of diving
Don Eva, Donna Wynot, Linda Hurd, Kerry Hurd, Joe Gobbini, Rick Tuttle

Many thanks to the organizations who help put together these very enjoyable times, including the Maine-iacs, the Bay State Council, raffle prize donors, Florida West Scuba, and fellow divers and travelers.

For Sale: FINS: (1) pair of Scubapro Jet Fins; X-large; black; w/ strap pulls; now $50.
Leonor Desmarais (508) 485-4903.

For Sale: Men's 3XL- 4XL DUI TLS350 Blue Drysuit for Sale $1,200.00
Used only several times. Trilaminate with full green polar fleece jumpsuit, hose, and carrying bag from DUI. Will fit large male 5'11" - 6'3"; 275- 375 lbs. I've shrunk and need a smaller one!
Please call Jim Carozza, cell # 617-966-0111

Items For Sale:

Seaquest Diva LX - Lady’s Weight Integrated BCD. Size S. All black color, velcro release weight pockets. Great condition! $250.

Aqualung Titan Glacia Regulator & Aqualung low-profile Octopus. Great cold-water reg. Voted as “Tester’s Choice” in Scuba Diving magazine. Serviced regularly. Great condition! $180.

Henderson Titanium HyperStretch 7mm 1 piece Lady’s wetsuit. Black with small purple and blue inserts. Excellent condition (less than 20 dives!). Size 8. $100.

Cressi Space Frog Fins. Size M-L. Gray/Black color, good condition. $40

Please contact Jane Wilkinson at (617) 838 5118 or e-mail fatbob@rcn.com for more information.

New England Aquarium Dive Club
2004 Shore Diving and Event Calendar

The leaders for a dive may cancel or modify their dive plans so please contact him or her prior to the dive date. Likewise, if you confirm attendance but then cannot attend a dive for any reason, please notify the dive leader as soon as possible, so that the group does not wait for you at the meeting site on the day of the dive. Note: Meeting minutes are posted on www.neadc.org.
Date Time Event Contact Location Notes
Every Monday 6PM to 9PM Bleach Dive/Scuba skills Refresher Genevieve Stewart, shoredive@neadc.org West Suburban YMCA in Newton Members MUST register in advance. Review your skills, or test a new piece of gear in a controlled environment
Jul 10 (Sat) 8 am Club Dive Anna Krowczynska secretary@neadc.org Cathedral Rocks, Rockport, MA
Jul 11 (Sun) 8 am Rescue skills review and introduction Genevieve Stewart and Maryhelen Shuman-Groh shoredive@neadc.org Stage Fort Park, Gloucester, MA
Jul 17 (Sat) 9 am GAFC Advanced Dive Alicia Lenci, (617) 285-6737 environmental@neadc.org Halibut Shores, Cape Ann, MA
Jul 17 (Sat) TBA GAFC / NEADC Picnic Alicia Lenci, (617) 285-6737 environmental@neadc.org Stage Fort Park, Gloucester, MA
Jul 17 (Sat) TBA Night Dive, optional GAFC Survey Alicia Lenci, (617) 285-6737 environmental@neadc.org Plum Cove, Gloucester, MA
Jul 18 (Sun) 9 am Club Dive Rick Rosa boatdive@neadc.org North Shore, MA Meet at Burger King after exit 19 on Rt. 128
Jul 21 (Wed) 6:30pm Dive Club General Meeting www.neadc.org Immersion Theater, New England Aquarium Amazing Jellies Exhibit; Dinner after meeting at local Restaurant
Jul 24 (Sat) 10 am South Shore Dive Alan Budreau,978-369-8132 dihughes@theworld.com Tentatively 4th Cliff (Humarock) drift dive Meet at Home Depot parking lot, off Rt 3, Rockland
Jul 31 (Sat) 10 am Club Dive Anna Krowczynskasecretary@neadc.org Magnolia Rocks
Aug 1 (Sun) 10 am Club Dive and BBQ Al Bozzaprograms@neadc.org Ft. Wetherill, Jamestown, RI Look for BBQ with dive flag
Aug 4 (Wed) 6:30pm Dive Club Informal Meeting: Dinner and NEADC Newsletter assembly Al & Wendy Bozza; (508) 528-4933 Norfolk, MA
Aug 7 (Sat) 7:30 am Club Dive Kerry and Linda Hurd newsletter@neadc.org Nubble Lighthouse, York, ME
Aug 8 (Sun) 9 am Club Dive Steve Whitford webmaster@neadc.org Lake Sunapee, NH
Aug 8 (Sun) TBA South Shore Picnic and Kayak Dives Rick Rosa boatdive@neadc.org Sandwich Town Beach
Aug 14 (Sat) TBA Night Dive; optional GAFC & exotic species surveys Alicia Lenci, (617) 285-6737 environmental@neadc.org Cape Ann, MA or Rhode Island
Aug 16 (Mon) 7am-5pm NEADC Seal Dive SOLD OUT Donna Romano, (617) 723-3212, safetystop@mac.com Gloucester Marina, Gloucester, MA
Aug 18 (Wed) 6:30pm Dive Club General Meeting www.neadc.org Immersion Theater, New England Aquarium Dinner following meeting at local Restaurant
Aug 21 (Sat) 9 am New Member Dive Mike Whyte mbw7@daimlerchrysler.com Nubble Lighthouse, York, ME
Aug 21 (Sat) 1 pm Club Dive followed by dinner Alan Budreau,978-369-8132 dihughes@theworld.com Fort Foster, ME Meet at Holiday Inn, Intersection of Rt 1 North and 128 in Lynnfield
Aug 28 (Sat) TBA RI Tropical Fish Dive Jean Stefanik Rhode Island
Aug 29 (Sun) TBA RI Tropical Fish Dive Jean Stefanik Rhode Island
Aug 31 (Tue) 7 pm Night Dive Steve Whitford webmaster@neadc.org Cape Ann, MA Dive Site TBD
Sep 1 (Wed) 6:30pm Dive Club Informal Meeting: Dinner and NEADC Newsletter assembly www.neadc.org TBA
Sep 4 (Sat) 8 am Club Dive Genevieve Stewart shoredive@neadc.org North Shore
Sep 4 (Sat) TBA Night Dive; optional GAFC & exotic species surveys Alicia Lenci, (617) 285-6737 environmental@neadc.org Rhode Island
Sep 5 (Sun) 4 pm Dusk Dive Maryhelen Shuman-Groh president@neadc.org North Shore
Sep 11 (Sat) 9 am Club Dive Anna Krowczynska secretary@neadc.org North Shore Meet at Burger King after exit 19 on Rt. 128
Sep 12 (Sun) 9 am Club Dive Jim Carozza business@neadc.org 40 Steps, Nahant Meet at the restaurant at the end of the causeway
Sep 15 (Wed) 6:30pm Dive Club General Meeting www.neadc.org Immersion Theater, New England Aquarium Dinner following meeting at local Restaurant
Sep 18 (Sat) 9 am to noon Clean Up Dive Alan Budreau,978-369-8132 dihughes@theworld.com Assabet River, Concord, MA Includes free light breakfast, drinks, and a T-Shirt
Sep 25 (Sat) TBA CoastSweep 2004 optional GAFC Survey Alicia Lenci, (617) 285-6737 environmental@neadc.org NEU Marine Lab Beach & underwater cleanup;GREAT family event; prizes!
Sep 25 (Sat) TBA Night Dive; optional GAFC & exotic species surveys Alicia Lenci, (617) 285-6737 environmental@neadc.org Plum Cove, Gloucester, MA
Sep 26 (Sun) 8 am Club Dive Genevieve Stewart shoredive@neadc.org Pebble Beach
Oct 3 (Sun) 9:30am -2pm RESCHEDULED NEADC Whale Watch Maryhelen, (508) 821-4704 president@neadc.org Whale Watch Kiosk, New England Aquarium
Oct 6 (Wed) 6:30pm Dive Club Informal Meeting: Dinner and NEADC Newsletter assembly www.neadc.org TBA
Oct 9 (Sat) TBA Night Dive / tropical fish optional GAFC Survey Alicia Lenci, (617) 285-6737 environmental@neadc.org Rhode Island
Oct 20 (Wed) 6:30pm Dive Club General Meeting www.neadc.org Immersion Theater, New England Aquarium Dinner following meeting at local Restaurant
Oct 23 (Sat) TBA Invertebrate Workshop Brandy Derickson, derickba@netzero.net Conference Center, New England Aquarium
Oct 31 (Sun) TBA Halloween Dive TBA TBA
Nov 3 (Wed) 6:30pm Dive Club Informal Meeting: Dinner and NEADC Newsletter assembly www.neadc.org TBA
Nov 17 (Wed) 6:30pm Dive Club General Meeting www.neadc.org Immersion Theater, New England Aquarium Dinner following meeting at local Restaurant
Nov 27 (Sat) noon Christmas Tree Dive with United Divers of NH Kerry and Linda Hurd newsletter@neadc.org Nubble Lighthouse, York, ME
Dec 1 (Wed) 6:30pm Dive Club Informal Meeting: Dinner and NEADC Newsletter assembly www.neadc.org TBA
Dec 4 (Sat) TBA NEADC Holiday Party www.neadc.org American Legion, Burlington, MA
Dec 15 (Wed) 6:30pm Dive Club General Meeting www.neadc.org Immersion Theater, New England Aquarium Dinner following meeting at local Restaurant

Join New England Aquarium Dive Experts
on a Tropical Adventure in the Bahamas

Certified SCUBA divers age 18 and older are invited to join staff from Boston’s New England Aquarium on a fish collecting expedition to Bimini, Bahamas, from September 29th through October 7th, 2004. Bring back more than just the traditional slide show for friends and family as you collect colorful reef fishes and invertebrates for the Aquarium’s 200,00 gallon Giant Ocean Tank and other tropical exhibits.

This unusual “working” vacation is open to both beginners and experienced divers, and is a great opportunity to dive with and learn from Aquarium professionals. This eight-day adventure features dive sites throughout the Bahamas in the Bimini area. You will dive and collect at some of the most beautiful underwater sites in the world. The last day of the trip is spent in Miami, preparing fishes for shipment to the New England Aquarium in Boston. After the trip, you can see your hard work showcased at the Aquarium, which entertains and educates more than 1.6 million visitors each year, from all over the world.

The trip fee is $2750.00 for Aquarium members and $2795.00 for non-members (with options). The fee includes airfare, shipboard accommodations on the R/V Coral Reef II (meals, lodging, cocktails), and up to five dives per day (weights and tanks are provided). Also included is a rare opportunity to dive in the Aquarium’s 200,00 gallon Caribbean reef exhibit. For more information or to reserve space, call Holly Martel Bourbon, Senior Aquarist/DSO or Sherrie Floyd, Senior Aquarist/Expedition Leader at 617-973-5248 or e-mail Sherrie at sfloyd@neaq.org. Interested participants are encouraged to reserve early, as space is limited on this popular dive trip. Trips are subject to change.

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SATURDAY, JULY 17, 2004, 10:00 am
Stage Fort Park
Gloucester, Massachusetts

This year we are again combining our event with the Great Annual Fish Count being held same day, same time. Raffles, BBQ, door prize, seining for local species and other activities including Fish Count Dives to be announced.

FREE – Please RSVP to president@neadc.org
See any NEADC Officer to HELP OUT!
(Stage Fort Park charges a parking fee of $10 per vehicle)
Directions to Stage Fort Park Beach from Boston: -
Take route 93 North to Route 128N/95N. Follow 128N when the two split staying on 128N.
Take exit 14 (to route 133) with a right at the bottom of the ramp following the sign to Gloucester Harbor.
Proceed on route 133 - you will pass the commuter T station on your left after 1.1 miles, then Yankee Tours on your left at 1.9 miles. At about 2.5 miles you'll reach the water, turn Right.
Follow the road for about 0.1 mile, and Stage Fort Park will be on the left.

Central Wharf, Boston, MA 02110