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Immersion Theater at New England Aquarium
Wednesday, September 15th, 2004

 6:30 p.m.

The Philippines with Jonathan Bird

0nce again, NEADC is pleased to have Jonathan Bird, the coolest speaker ever, for the September General meeting. Jonathan has recently been working on a new film for the National Geographic Channel and has spent months all over the world with sharks. Recently, he traveled to the Philippines in search of Thresher sharks. Over the course of two weeks, he spent more than 30 hours sitting at 80 feet waiting for Threshers to swim by cleaning stations. During that time he claims to have developed a diet plan better than Atkins. (He lost 5 pounds from shivering.) But since the sharks can only be filmed in the morning, he also spent the rest of each day with the still camera hunting down portraits of Blue Ringed Octopods, pygmy seahorses, giant frogfish, beautiful soft coral reefs, a few zillion nudibranchs, and a few dynamite fisherman. Come see this amazing photo/video presentation on the wonders of Malapascua Island, Philippines, with everything from manta rays to seahorses the size of a fingernail (sounds like we need to talk to Jonathan about a club trip). He will also have Autographed books for sale!!!!!


Submit your news for the next Newsletter by
Monday, September 20, 2004!

This is for the OCTOBER EDITION of the NEADC Newsletter. Submissions must be in writing, preferably via e-mail to Thank you!


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The October Informal Meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 6th, at 6:30 pm, hosted by Anne Lambert, 16 Thornley St., Dorchester, MA (617) 288-5456.


From 93 South, take Exit 15 (Colombia Rd.). At the end of the ramp, take a right. Proceed to first traffic light (Dorchester Ave.). Take a right for approximately 1/2 mile. Take a right on Savin Hill Ave, take a right on Pleasant St., take a right onto Thornley.

From 93 North, take exit 15. At the end of the ramp, take a left and follow above directions.


Have you thought about hosting an Informal Meeting but don't know what it entails? As your Program Director, I am responsible for scheduling these meetings. Here is a simple guideline to hosting NEADC Informal Meetings. I will gladly provide additional information if needed.

Hosts are asked to provide a light dinner for about 20+ NEADC members/guests (you will receive $75.00 from the treasurer to help with the costs). Ideally there should be space for folding, sealing and stamping the newsletter with a separate space for the NEADC Officers to conduct a business meeting. I will take the mail-ready newsletters to the post office the next day for mailing. Hosts should not feel obligated to serve alcohol. Members wishing to have wine or beer are asked to bring their own. Should a host request there be no alcohol served in their home, that request will be honored and posted in the newsletter.

Hosts are asked to provide me with their telephone number, address, and a set of directions to their home both by car and (if possible) by public transportation. Please include whether there are any pets in the home (for allergy sufferers), and whether there are smoking and alcohol restrictions, and any other information you may find pertinent.

Try hosting a NEADC Informal Meeting. It’s a great way to make new diving friends and support your Dive Club!!!

2004 New England Aquarium
Dive Club Officers

Maryhelen Shuman-Groh
P. O. Box 70
Raynham, MA 02767
(508) 821-4704

Dick Whitehouse
(508) 947-0063

Business Manager
Jim Carozza

Boat Dive Coordinator
Rick Rosa

Shore Dive Coordinator
Genevieve Stewart

Newsletter Editor
Kerry Hurd

Program Director
Al Bozza
(508) 528-4933

Membership Director
Trish Katzman

Anna Krowczynska

Environmental Affairs
Alicia Lenci
(617) 285-6737

Steve Whitford

NEADC Voice Mail
Please call (617) 973-0240.

NEADC Website
Look for updated information on our website,, graciously hosted by
Jake and Linda Richter.



The published dive calendar is finishing up in September, but that's no excuse not to dive for the rest of the year. The water's still warm Into October, and drysuit diving is all year round. If you want to go diving, but there isn't anything planned, email me and I'll add it to the calendar or you can use the forum.

I'm looking for photos of club activities, I've got some up in the scrapbook section already, but there's plenty of room for more! You can either email me digital photos, or give me photographs at one of the meetings, and I'll give them back at the next one.

So far only a few people have posted reviews of the area's dive sites. I find reviews like that invaluable, but not all the sites are around on the Internet (or they're incomplete). This is your chance to help out the new diving community by letting them know about New England's dive sites. Go to the forum for more information.


Thank you to all who contributed to the newsletter. Your support is greatly appreciated! Please send your submissions to Thanks!


This summer, my beach reading consisted mostly of dive related books. I read “Dark Descent” by Kevin McMurray, a story describing the 1914 sinking in the Gulf of St. Lawrence of the Empress of Ireland, and the shipwreck exploration by divers almost a century later. The best part of the book was the description of the collision in a dense fog with the Norwegian collier and the sinking of the Empress that took 14 minutes and claimed 1,012 lives - more than the sinking of the Titanic! McMurray is also the author of “Deep Descent: Adventure and Death Diving the Andrea Doria.” I wonder what kind of descent he will come up with for his next book.

Another book was “Fatal Depth: Deep Sea Diving, China Fever, and the Wreck of the Andrea Doria” by Joe Haberstroh about diving related deaths on the Andrea Doria during the summers of 1998 and 1999. I must confess that I liked much more “Deep Descent” that also describes china fever and diving on the Doria, the Mount Everest of scuba diving, and covers some of the same events as “Fatal Depth”.

But my favorite is the newly published “Shadow Divers” by Robert Kurson. Touted as a gripping adventure story about solving the mystery of a U-boat sunken off the New Jersey coast, this book is a true page-turner. Despite that most of us know the identity of the U-boat either from “The Last Dive” or the Nova episode called “Hitler’s Lost Sub”, the book will keep you in suspense and is worth reading. Kurson is more interested in the people who were determined to identify the sub and their discovery process than the details of technical diving. What makes this book so fascinating is the depiction of the main protagonists John Chatterton, Bill Nagle, and Richie Kohler as complicated, conflicted people whose shared obsession to solve the puzzle extolled high prices on their personal lives. Another fascinating part of the book is learning about the doomed sailors who manned the U-boat. After finishing reading the book, I ran to the video store and rented a copy of “Das Boot” and watched it again, rooting for the German sailors and their survival against all odds.


NOTE: The opinions expressed within this newsletter are those of the writers, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the New England Aquarium or the New England Aquarium Dive Club.

The Editor reserves the right to edit all submitted material for the sake of grammar, clarity, and space.



Come on down to Fort Wetherill, Jamestown, Rhode Island, for a fantastic day of diving, tropical fish collecting, and good food. Plan on doing two dives--the first a regular dive and the second a shallow collecting dive--never collected before? We will have

1. Two or three experts on hand with some good advice on the proper technique.
2. Extra collecting nets and tropical fish transport containers for divers to use.
3. We will also be using nets along the shore (kids and adults always enjoy this).
Never dove in Rhode Island--we'll buddy you up with divers very familiar with this site.
Free hot dogs, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, salads, snacks, drinks, music, etc., etc.
For more info or to let me know you're coming call AL BOZZA 508 528 4933.

DIRECTIONS: Follow 95 South into Rhode Island. Take exit 9 (Rt. 4S), and then Rte 4S to Rte 1S to Rte 138E. Take the exit immediately following the Jamestown Bridge. Go to the end of the road. Take a right onto North Rd. Travel about 2 1/2 miles to Narraganset Ave. Take a left onto Narraganset Ave and follow to the end. Take a right onto Walcott Ave and follow about a mile to Ft Wetherill Rd. Take a left on Ft Wetherill Rd and take your first right into the park. Turn right, going past the restrooms, and follow the road, looking for a maroon van with a dive flag taped to its side. If you need help,-call my cell phone at 617 212 9108.


 JANUARY 15th-22nd 2005 - DOMINICA - We started this year with 26 of our dive club members and friends joining together for a trip to Dominica. If you have noticed the write-ups in the newsletter or read the website stories and looked at the pictures; or listened to all of the talk at the dive club meetings, you know how great the trip was; AGAIN. As dive destinations go, Dominica is one of the best. It has so much to offer both divers as well as non-divers. In short, the diving is spectacular; as is the island itself. The water temperature consistently hovers between 78-80 degrees and the visibility just can't be beat. There is enough variety in the dive sites to satisfy any diver. The sites range from wall dives and soaring pinnacles, to swim-throughs and stunning coral heads. We consistently saw frogfish, seahorses, turtles, eels, batfish, as well as a variety of marine life too extensive to name. Above the water, we hiked through beautiful rainforests to swim in remote waterfalls. When you add to this, the resident population of sperm whales, you will see why Jonathan and I consider Dominica to be the world’s greatest island. The best part of the entire story is that we are scheduled for another trip, from January 15, 2005 to January 22, 2005. The unbelievable package price we are able to provide is $1045. Includes: 7 nights hotel, 7 breakfasts, 7 dinners, 2 night dives, 5 days of 2-tank boat dives, unlimited shore dives, tanks, weights, and weight belt, kayaking, welcome rum punch, r/t airport transfers, service charges, and taxes. Join us next year and see why so many divers and non-divers keep going back to Dominica. The spots are filling up quickly so don't wait. UPDATE: 14 people so far.

 MARCH 19th - 26th 2005 - ALL NEW WHALE SHARK EXPEDITIONS OF HONDURAS- SHARK DIVER LODGE - $1895- Discover the shark diving adventure of a lifetime - an encounter with the ocean's largest shark, the Whale Shark. The new inclusive "Shark Diver Lodge," located in the crystal waters of the Caribbean in the Honduras, is the latest amazing shark dive destination. Little was known about this site until just recently, when once again reports from local fishermen and scientists came in of these magnificent animals just off the coast. Absolute divers visited the site in early 2004, where diving with the Whale Sharks truly is an incredible experience. This is your chance to be one of the first shark divers to encounter these 30-50 foot leviathans in 100-foot visibility and all just a short 5-hour average flight away. While you are there, fish for world-class Tarpon, Snook, and Bonefish; dive the multitude of regular reefs surrounding the island; or just sit on the white sands of the Caribbean and soak up the sun. It is all included. Located just off the coast of Honduras in the warm clear waters of the Caribbean, our inclusive Shark Diver Lodge features three dive boats for unlimited regular diving along reefs, walls, and open water pinnacles. Discover fan corals, Groupers, Spotted Eagle Rays and more. Plus enjoy roomy accommodations in your private tropical waterfront bungalows. Our lodge also features kayaks, great food, and a game room with pool table, and satellite television. Only 4 spots left!!

For information on any of these trips, please contact Al Bozza at (617) 212-9108,

FROM YOUR PRESIDENT Maryhelen Shuman-Groh


Ask not what your dive club can do for you – ask what you can do for your dive club, to paraphrase the most famous call to service made in my lifetime (Churchill may have had a few more compelling calls to action, but that was before my time). Another year has passed and autumn is already approaching. We again look forward to NEADC’s annual elections, which will take place on November 17th at the regularly scheduled monthly meeting. Now is the time to consider, “What can YOU do for your dive club?” Do you want to see the Club head in a different direction? Consider running for office. Do you want to see even more boat and shore dives scheduled? Consider running for office. Do you want to support the Club’s on-going environmental and NEAq funding initiatives? RUN FOR OFFICE!!!

I will be stepping down from the office of President after five years and ending ten years of service as an officer. It’s time for others to step up to bat and to assist those officers who will be staying on to continue the efforts of NEADC. All positions are open to candidates. Positions we know will need filling for sure are President, Vice President, Business Manager, and Newsletter Editor. Every board position is vital to the smooth running of the New England Aquarium Dive Club. All that is required is enthusiasm! If you have any questions about any position on the Board, please do not hesitate to ask me or any other officer (past or present). We’ll be happy to provide any information about the jobs.


Beginning at the September General Meeting, you will have an opportunity to purchase a chance for a spot on the 2005 New England Aquarium Collecting Trip to the Caribbean. Chances are only $10 each, and there will only be 500 tickets issued. If every member of the dive club purchases one ticket – they will all be sold!

Certified SCUBA divers age 18 and older are eligible. This unusual “working” vacation is open to both beginners and experienced divers, and is a great opportunity to dive with and learn from Aquarium professionals. You will dive and collect at some of the most beautiful underwater sites in the world. The last day of the trip is spent in Miami, preparing fishes for shipment to the New England Aquarium in Boston. After the trip, you can see your hard work showcased at the Aquarium, which entertains and educates more than 1.6 million visitors each year, from all over the world.

The Prize Package includes airfare, shipboard accommodations on the R/V Coral Reef II (meals, lodging, cocktails), and up to five dives per day (weights and tanks are provided). Also included is a rare opportunity to dive in the Aquarium’s 200,000-gallon Caribbean reef exhibit.

For more information and to purchase tickets, contact Maryhelen Shuman-Groh at


Join any of my dives and learn how to identify exotic non-native species and some techniques on how to collect/preserve specimens (if applicable) and help The MIT Sea Grant Center for Coastal Resources track the distribution and abundance of these species. Non-divers are welcome - some species can be found in the tidal pools. There are some species of particular importance this year…so come to my dives along the “edge” and learn.


Hello fellow divers and diverettes. Ticket sales for the Great White Shark were brisk at the last general meeting. Only 6 remain out of the 100 being sold. If all of you who bought tickets show up for the next general meeting, one of you will be taking this beauty home. Thanks again for your support!

See me at any meeting if you would like to order clothing with our club logo embroidered for all your friends to see.

Is it YOUR time to serve on the board? THINK ABOUT IT! New board members mean an influx of new ideas and the direction our club takes. Elections are held in November and that's just around the corner. - Capt. Dick



Where:      New England Aquarium, Central Wharf. Meet in front of the Whale Watch Kiosk on the Aquarium Plaza.
What to Bring:   Lots of warm, weather-resistant clothing and waterproof no-slip shoes. The weather can be                                 wet, wild, and cold on Stellwagen, even if it is warm and sunny dockside so bundle up!

                           Food service available on board or you may bring your own. (NO GLASS or ALCOHOL, please.)
                           Binoculars, Camera and Film AND LOTS OF ENTHUSIASM
                           Sea sickness preventive is HIGHLY recommended

Tickets:      Tickets are: Adults - $25.20; Children (under 18) - $16.50 (children must be at least 3 yrs. old

and 30" tall); Seniors (60+) and College ID - $22.84 and must be paid with reservation.

No. of Adult Tickets     ______                        X                      $25.20 =          $______.
No. of Sr./College Tickets        ______            X                      $22.84 =          $______.

No. of Child Tickets      ______                        X                      $16.50  =          $______.         TOTAL $_____
Please make checks payable to NEADC. By Mail: NEADC c/o P.O. Box 70, Raynham, MA 02767

CITY:                                                   STATE:                        ZIP CODE:                               
PHONE:      (     )                                   E-MAIL:                                                          

For more information, please contact Maryhelen at (508) 821-4704,



The 2004 Northeast Invertebrate Workshop will be hosted by the New England Aquarium Dive Club, Inc. at the New England Aquarium on October 23, 2004 (Conference Center). This is an exclusive Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary diver education program, and the first of its kind in the United States. Contact Brandy Derickson at to enroll.


Full Page $90/insertion; Half Page $50/ insertion

Quarter Page $30/insertion; Eighth Page $20/insertion.

10% discount for 4 or more insertions per calendar year.

20% discount for 8 or more insertions per calendar year.

Send questions and submissions to the Newsletter Editor.

Ad fees must be paid in advance.

BONAIRE Timeshare for rent. $650 for week 50 which is the week before Christmas week.

The Unit is located next to the dive shop at the resort, Divi Flamingo Beach Resort.

All timeshares at this resort are studios, which are like a hotel room with 2 double beds and a kitchen.

Please call George O'Brien at (617) 794-5946.

FOR SALE: Henderson woman’s wetsuit: farmer jane & jacket medium; Seaquest jacket size 16 (unisex) – worn three times; Hood; Dive flag with long rope.

Please write to TWO addresses: AND Thanks!

Do an ANDROS Bahamas long weekend with the crew of EASY DIVER: Pat Walsh, Peter Donahue, Chris Christensen, and Fred Calhoun.

Fly November 5, return November 10………….……5 nights (4 days of diving) double occupancy

divers: $1355……………….non-divers: $1115……………includes round trip from Ft. Lauderdale

Dive the ANDROS barrier reef, where we filmed most of our movies in the mid 60s. If you're into video, bring the stuff along and we'll help you shoot an epic!

Fred Calhoun, Apple Ridge 2-6, Maynard, MA 01754; 1-978-897-0877.

Oceanic Announces Some BCs Require Inflator Replacement

Oceanic has been informed by its supplier that they have received isolated reports of BC inflator mechanisms exhibiting continual flow of air into the BC after release of the power inflation button. Affected are Oceanic Reliant model inflators that are fitted on various models of Oceanic's BCs that were sold between February 1, 2004, and June 24, 2004. BCs sold prior to February 1, 2004, do not have these inflators and are not affected.

Testing and evaluation has shown that the power inflator button may stick in the depressed position. Engineers have designed new replacement parts that will prevent the button from sticking.

Oceanic asks that all owners of Oceanic BCs that have Reliant inflators return them to an authorized Oceanic Dealer for a retrofit at no charge.

WARNING: DO NOT CONTINUE USE of the BC or attempt to disassemble any components of the inflator. Take the BC with inflator to your nearest authorized Oceanic Dealer for inspection and service. Only authorized Oceanic Dealers and their trained service technicians must perform this retrofit. Non-authorized personnel who attempt the retrofit procedure risk voiding the products warranty and rendering the product dangerously unsafe for normal scuba use.





Display Showroom
Wholesale to the Public

(401) 434-5058

279 Taunton Avenue
East Providence, RI 02914
On RI Rt 44 East

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New England Aquarium Dive Club

2004 Shore Diving and Event Calendar

The leaders for a dive may cancel or modify their dive plans so please contact him or her prior to the dive date. Likewise, if you confirm attendance but then cannot attend a dive for any reason, please notify the dive leader as soon as possible, so that the group does not wait for you at the meeting site on the day of the dive. Note:  Meeting minutes are posted on










  6PM to


  Bleach Dive/Scuba skills


 Genevieve Stewart,

 West Suburban YMCA

  in Newton

 Members MUST register in

 advance. Review your skills,

 or test a new piece of gear in a

 controlled environment


  Sep 4


  8 am

  Club Dive

 Genevieve Stewart

  North Shore



  Sep 5


  4 pm

  Dusk Dive

 Maryhelen Shuman-Groh

  North Shore



  Sep 11


  9 am

  Club Dive

 Anna Krowczynska

  North Shore

 Meet at Burger King after exit 19

  on Rt. 128


  Sep 12


  9 am

  Club Dive

 Jim Carozza

  40 Steps, Nahant

 Meet at the restaurant at the end

  of the causeway


  Sep 15



 Dive Club General Meeting

 Immersion Theater,
 New England Aquarium

 Jonathan Bird; Dinner following

 meeting at local restaurant


  Sep 18


  9 am to


  Clean Up Dive

Alan Budreau,978-369-8132

  Assabet River,

  Concord, MA

  Includes free light breakfast,

  drinks, and a T-Shirt


  Sep 19


  10 am to


  Tropical Fish


Al Bozza, (508) 528-4933

  Fort Wetherill,

  Jamestown, RI

  Includes free food and drinks


  Sep 25



 CoastSweep 2004

  optional GAFC Survey

Alicia Lenci, (617) 285-6737

  NEU Marine Lab

 Beach & underwater cleanup;

GREAT family event; prizes!


  Sep 25



Night Dive; optional GAFC

 & exotic species surveys

Alicia Lenci, (617) 285-6737

  Plum Cove,

 Gloucester, MA



  Sep 26


  8 am

  Club Dive

 Genevieve Stewart

  Pebble Beach



  Oct 3





 NEADC Whale Watch

  Maryhelen, (508) 821-4704

  Whale Watch Kiosk,

 New England Aquarium




  Oct 6



 Dive Club Informal Meeting:

 Dinner and NEADC

 Newsletter assembly



  Oct 9



 Night Dive / tropical fish

  optional GAFC Survey

Alicia Lenci, (617) 285-6737

  Rhode Island




  Oct 20



 Dive Club General Meeting

 Immersion Theater,
 New England Aquarium

 Dinner following meeting at local


  Oct 23



  Invertebrate Workshop

 Brandy Derickson,

 Conference Center,

 New England Aquarium



  Oct 31



  Halloween Dive






  Nov 3



 Dive Club Informal Meeting:

 Dinner and NEADC

 Newsletter assembly




  Nov 17



 Dive Club General Meeting

 Immersion Theater,
 New England Aquarium

 Dinner following meeting at local


  Nov 27



  Christmas Tree Dive with

  United Divers of NH

 Kerry and Linda Hurd

 Nubble Lighthouse,

  York, ME




  Dec 1



 Dive Club Informal Meeting:

 Dinner and NEADC

 Newsletter assembly




Social Get-togethers for Everyone

by Trish Katzman, Membership Director

Come meet at Jose McIntyre’s prior to our next General Meeting on Wednesday, August 18, from 5:30-6:30 p.m. for drinks, appetizers, dinner, or to just say hi. Or if you are more of a late night person, we usually walk together to a dinner place after the meeting.

We offer both an early and later get-together to meet the variety of styles of our 500 members. These get-togethers are meant to help answer questions and talk with new or less active members. If you are an active member, come out with us and help us greet people!

If you don’t know anybody, just ask for me and I’d love to tell you about the latest club news and hear about your interests in diving. Hope to see you there!

Directions to Jose McIntyre’s at 160 Milk Street, Boston:

   Jose’s is walking distance from the Aquarium.

   Park in the garage next to the Aquarium.

   Turn left when exiting the garage.

   Cross the street at the light.

   Walk straight to the upcoming block and look to your right.


Okay, folks, here is your chance to win a signed, limited edition JOHN PERRY sculpture! As part of the NEADC Cownose Ray fund raising, this 24” Great White mounted on burlwood is being raffled off for only $5 per ticket. Only 100 tickets will be sold. Retail price of this piece is $175. Tickets are available at club informal and general meetings, or by calling Dick Whitehouse at (508) 947-0063.

New England Aquarium Dive Club Membership Form

Type of Membership:                                                               New _____              Renewal _____

Has your address changed since last renewal?                      No_____                 Yes_____                previous town _________________

New England Aquarium Membership Categories: Choose One:

(Membership in the Dive Club requires current membership in the New England Aquarium)

q       Individual                        $45.00  +          Dive Club Membership $15.00    =          $60.00

q       Couple/Family              $80.00  +          Dive Club Membership $15.00    =          $95.00

q       Quartermaster            $100.00  +          Dive Club Membership $15.00    =       $115.00

q       Master Mariner           $150.00  +          Dive Club Membership $15.00    =       $165.00

q       Friend of Aquarium    $250.00  +          Dive Club Membership $15.00    =       $265.00

Total Amount Enclosed $________ (Dive Club dues plus Aquarium membership)

Name _____________________________________________________            Phone ____________________________

Address ___________________________________________________            E-mail ____________________________

City ______________________________       State _____   Zip ________

 ___ Check here to receive the newsletter electronically.                         ___ Check here to receive other club information electronically.

Note: Contact information will be used for Aquarium and Dive Club purposes only.

Please make your check payable to “New England Aquarium” or charge to:

 MasterCard                           Visa                       Discover               American Express

Signature _____________________________

Account # ___________________________________ Expiration __________ Amount $ ______________

Mail to:   Membership Department, New England Aquarium, Central Wharf, Boston MA  02110

New members receive a New England Aquarium membership card marked “DIVER”. IF YOU ARE ALREADY A MEMBER OF THE AQUARIUM, send your membership card, Dive Club dues payment, and this application to the Membership Department. Your membership card will be returned marked “DIVER”. If you have any questions, please call the Aquarium Membership Office at 617-973-6555/6564.

Outreach Program Assistant/Dive Master Position

Marine Science Center, Northeastern University, 430 Nahant Road, Nahant, MA 01908


(70%)      Conduct K-12 Outreach programs at the Marine Science Center, on the research vessel Mysis and in area schools

                Maintain Outreach Program equipment and facilities

                Prepare and mail outreach promotional material

(30%)      Dive Master for the Marine Science Center

Special responsibilities:

Outreach activities are conducted outdoors in coastal ocean environment and aboard research vessel Mysis. Handle and operate various oceanographic instruments. Visits to local area schools transporting live marine animals and supplies. Occasional overtime and weekends required.


BS in Natural Sciences with concentration in Marine Biology is required. Candidate must also have 1-2 years of experience with K-12 outreach education. Additional requirements include Dive Master Scuba certification and valid driver's license. Computer knowledge (Mac or Windows) using Microsoft Office. Scientific diving medical exam will be required.

Salary Range: $ 28,170 to $35,470, depending on experience. No relocation allowance.

To apply, please email your resume and cover letter to:

Applicants may also submit a resume and cover letter by U.S. mail to the following address:

Northeastern University, Human Resources Management Office, 716 Columbus Ave, Suite 250, Boston, MA 02120

Fax: (617) 373-5090; Office Hours: Mon-Fri: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

For additional information, call (617) 373-2230 (voice) or (617) 373-5293 (TTY).

REMINDER: If you would like to participate in a club dive, PLEASE make sure you contact the dive leader at least a day or two before the dive date. Dive leaders may cancel or modify their dive plans. Likewise, if you confirm attendance but then cannot attend a dive, please notify the dive leader as soon as possible, so that the group does not wait for you at the meeting site on the day of the dive.


      Central Wharf, Boston, MA  02110