General Meeting October 18th

Jose McIntyre’s Restaurant/Pub (upstairs room) 160 Milk St, Boston
6:30 pm
Please join us for Jonathan Bird’s special presentation on the Galapagos. Jonathan will be sharing photos from around the Galapagos including the top dive locations of Darwin and Wolf Islands. Click HERE for Directions

Next “Eat & Greet”
Wed. November 1st

Join us for fun and socializing at the home of:

Joy Marzolf

Click here for directions

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Dry Suit: DUI CF200 $900 Size: Men’s SM/ Women’s ML

Wet Suit: NEW ScubaPro 7mm $275 Size: Large

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Trip Calendar

2006 October -Great White Sharks of Guadalupe
2007 January -Dominica
2007 February -Manatees in FL
2007 November -Norway with Orcas and Sea Eagles

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Lionfish Found at the NEADC Tropical Fish Hunt! Learn more about this rare find!

My new Pony (bottle) Check out how & why Steve decided to get a pony bottle as an extra safety measure for deeper dives.

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