Saturday, October 18, 2008

Another Coronet Fish at Folly Cove!

Last night's dive with my husband, John, and our friend, Tom Conway,
proved to be most eventful again, with yet another sighting of a Coronet
Fish!  This one was smaller than the first one we saw last week. I did
manage to get some pictures (and to think I almost left the camera in
the car!).  We were all excited underwater to see yet another one of
these rare fish.

We also started off the dive with a very active horseshoe crab--the
critter was moving around so quickly I had a hard time getting a photo
of it--but I did.  Right after the horseshoe crab, we bumped into a
very active lady crab, who also was not interested in getting her
photo taken, but it did.  And the rest of the evening dive was spent
dodging squid!  They were everywhere, large ones and small ones.
At one point, Tom had a huge school of them all around him, in his face,
under his arms, everywhere around him.  It was truly an awesome evening

For those of you who shun the cooler water this time of year, or who think
there's nothing left to see, get out there--there's plenty of stuff left swimming
aroung. The water is still 54 degrees.....

Monday, October 13, 2008

Coronet Fish at Folly Cove

    Our October 9th night dive at Folly Cove proved to
be one of the best this year--we saw and
photographed a Coronet Fish!  Unusual to see even
in their home, the Caribbean, it's VERY unusual to
see them up here.  This guy (or gal) was not too
active, given the 55 degree water.
    We first thought it was a trumpet fish, and that there
was just something stuck on the end of its tail.  But
when the photos were sent to a well known local area
photographer, the fish was positively identified not
as a trumpet fish, but as a Coronet Fish. On Saturday,
October 12, we went back to Folly Cove to see if we
could find the fish again, but were unsuccessful.
    With the finding of the Coronet Fish, and the capture
of juvenile sea horses and other tropicals in Rhode
Island at our annual tropical fish hunt this past
September, who knows?  Maybe in a few more years
we won't even have to venture down to the Caribbean
to see tropical fish all the tiime, since they'll be up
our way more and more. 
   (Does that mean we'll see some warmer water
sharks, too?)#

Friday, August 08, 2008

Dive Eastport, ME!

Diving in Eastport, ME
My husband and I recently returned from a 2nd dive trip to Eastport, ME.  The underwater environment
is like no other in New England--scores of Northern Red anemones, scallops everywhere (and they swim!),
montague shrimp, wolf fish, sea raven, sculpin, spiny sea stars, smooth sea stars, sea urchins galore, and so
much more!  The diving is very challenging, currents can be 2-1/2 knots at slack--which is the only time you
can dive Eastport.  Mental note:  never try to figure out slack tide during a full moon phase--you can't!  We didn't hit the slack very well and had a few really tough dives. The experience of dealing with such strong currents was
well worth it.  We had another good year, and we'll be going back next year for the 3rd time!
Next trip:  1000 Islands (St. Lawrence Seaway) and diving a revolutionary war wreck in Lake George.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Thanks for Helping at Sea Rovers!

A big thank you to all those members and even one or two potential members who came by to help setup, man, and break down our club booth at Sea Rovers this past weekend.  We can't make our booth a success without the support of members like you!  Thanks a bunch!

Any questions? Get answers on any topic at Yahoo! Answers. Try it now.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Volunteer to Help us at Sea Rovers!

It's Sea Rovers time, coming up March 2-4 in Boston!

As usual, the NEADC will have their table downstairs and we are looking for volunteers to staff it  Please help us out by showing your support for this great club and sign up to man our table for an hour.  It's an hour well spent greeting visitors, letting them know about our club and the activities we have to offer. If you don't want to man the table but would like to help in other ways, please feel free to sign up to help us set up the booth prior to the start of the show, or help us take it down after the show.  And, while you're at it, come join us at Bertucci's for a fun dinner and then it's off to the best film festival you'll attend on diving!

To sign up to help us out at Sea Rovers, send an e-mail to either Al Bozza ( or Rick Rosa (, or sign up at the next General Meeting or Eat and Greet meeting.

We hope to see you all at Sea Rovers this year!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Holiday Party a Success!

Hi All,
Just wanted to say for those who didn't attend, the holiday party was a success, thanks in no small part to Al Bozza's efforts!  We got great help with the setup from members (a hearty thanks to all of you!), the food was great, the giveaways great, too. We sold quite a few of our 30th anniversary shirts and hats.  There are a few more hats left and some shirts in while, grey, navy and green.  They look great on!  I'll bring to the meetings so folks can buy one.

For those of you who missed this year's party, please plan on attending next year. If you want help with the planning and/or setup, just let Al Bozza know!

Thanks again to everyone who showed their support by attending and having a good time!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Secretary's Blog

This is the club secretary's blog.  Feel free to comment on the minutes, make suggestions, etc.