NEADC featured in the Gloucester Daily Times

Story from the 04/28/07 Gloucester Daily Times
Talk of the Times – Earth Day

    Boston SCUBA divers Alicia Lenci and Mike Schruben regularly visit Lane’s Cove in their blue bus on weekends, especially during Earth Day, and dive in its adjacent waters.  The pair do not dive for lobsters; instead, they visit King Neptune’s world to take in its beauty, to collect, record and release its fauna, and to keep it clean of man’s lost fishing gear and trash.
    “My background is in marine biology and ecology.  I’m really big on promoting good environmental stewardship,” said Lenci, a member of the New England Aquarium Dive Club, who has worked for the New England Aquarium and the Massachusetts Audubon Society.  She and Schruben regularly spearhead numerous beach and underwater clean-ups throughout the State and year.  “This will be our 6th annual Earth Day event at Lane’s Cove.  Whenever Mike and I are shore diving, we usually pull out a lot of trash – bottles, lost monofilament fishing line, hooks, and picnic gear,” Lenci said.  They also then educate the public about the dangers of some of these pollutants.  “Monofilament fishing line takes 600 years to completely break down,” she explained.
    Endangered sea turtles were often brought to the aquarium for rehabilitation while Lenci worked there.  “I saw first-hand endangered sea turtles either entangled in trash or with their bellies full of it.  Everybody doing their part to keep the environment clean and preserve our natural world does make a difference,” stated Lenci.

Mike Schruben and Alicia Lenci - Earth Day 2007 Cleanup at Lane's Cove