This Year's Tropical Fish Rescue & BBQ

2009 Tropical Fish Rescue & BBQ

Photos from the 2008 Tropical Fish Hunt

2007 Article from the Jamestown Press

2006 Lionfish found in Rhode Island

Annual Tropical Fish Rescue and BBQ

Butterfly fish

Jonathan Bird's Blue World

An episode of Jonathan Bird's Blue World was filmed at the 2009 Tropical Fish Rescue. There's some great video of what the topicals look like underwater, and some of the techniques to catching them!
View the Episode

2009 Recap

TROPICAL FISH RESCUE--Well we finally, after 2 cancellations, had our tropical fish rescue in Jamestown. We almost cancelled a third time due to possible showers and predicted poor underwater visibility. However it was decided to go with it, and what a day it turned out to be. The early morning did have less than desirable visibilty and a few clouds around but by noon we were in the seventies with beautiful blue skies and the water conditions continued to improve all day long. We couldn't have asked for a better day. Everyone that came enjoyed some great food and the results of our sienning and divers collecting: 63 FISH CAUGHT FOR THE DAY-One of the best days I can ever remember. Caught and kept at Biomes (some for the NEAQ)-By the end of the day we had quite an impressive display in our aquarium

38 Spotfin Butterfly fish-(many quite large)
1 Foureye Butterfly fish-(less and less common in past years
1 Bicolor Damselfish
1 Short Bigeye
12 Trunkfish (at least two different species, some with horns others not)
1 Permit
1 Sennet
6 Pipefish
2 Coronet Fish(these have very specific feeding needs which are nearly impossible to replicate, so they were released to grow bigger. They may yet die in thwe wild, but would definitely die in captivity--neither the NEAQ nor Biomes chose to accept them.

Caught and used for display in our touch tank (The natives were later released)
several crabs of various species
several large FEMALE sea stars carrying egg masses along their legs

Caught and donated to Biomes Natives for their touch tank
5 Sea Urchins
1 Blood Star

There will be more info and educational information coming out about tropicals we see in New England
Next year we are scheduled for Sunday August 29th, 2010.

Thank You to all that helped make this year such a success
-Al Bozza, Program Director

View the photos in the Scrapbook

Saturday, September 27, 2009
9:30am to 4:30PM
Fort Wetherill, Jamestown, RI
View the flyer

Tropical Fish in New England?

This is a great family event, especially for the kids!

This year we will have several authors on site-talking about and selling autographed books. There will also be Kayak demos and Camera demos from Olympus of America--definitely not a day to miss!!!

We will be seining; which is pulling a fish net through shallow water, up onto the beach, and discover all sorts of marine life, letting the children help gather the fish and marine life collected in the net. There will be a large touch tank set up, for all to enjoy, with lobsters, crabs, starfish, baby tropical fish, etc. As we gather out catch, let our experts teach you about the tropical fish you can observe in our on-site holding aquariums. There will be organized regular scuba diving as well as designated tropical collecting areas. Never caught tropical fish before? Let our experts show you how! Extra colleting nets will be available.

Tom Bergendahl will offer an “introduction to kayaking or kayak diving”

There will also be volleyball, music, lots of raffles, and of course diving and a great variety of food.

Butterfly fish

Never caught tropical fish before? Let our experts show you how. Extra collecting nets will be available.

All are welcome. Join us for a fun filled day!


If you plan to attend, or for directions or additional information, contact Al Bozza at so we can get a headcount.

$5 covers the food and a drink. Additional drinks are $1 each.

    • Hot Dogs
    • Hamburgers
    • Cheeseburgers
    • BBQ chicken
    • Chicken Wings
    • Pork Loin
    • Sausages
    • Chicken Nuggets
    • Mac & Cheese
    • Ziti w/sauce
    • Garden Burgers
    • Baked Beans
    • Potato Salad
    • Garden Salad
    • Mixed Vegetables, Onions & Peppers
    • Apple Sauce
    • Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches


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