Gulf Stream Orphan Project

A citizen science network of divers, fishermen, and hobbyists working with marine research institutions to track the Caribbean fish that are swept north along the east coast of the United States and Canada by the Gulf Stream.


Annual Tropical Fish Rescue and BBQ

Butterfly fish

The National Weather Service is predicting 3-5 foot seas on Saturday, and we have decided to cancel the Tropical Fish Rescue


This year's Tropical Fish Rescue will be held September 15th 2018!

Saturday September 15rd, 2018
9:30am to 4:30PM
Fort Wetherill, Jamestown, RI

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This year's event

Tropical Fish in New England?

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This is a great family event, especially for the kids!

We will be seining; which is pulling a fish net through shallow water, up onto the beach, and discover all sorts of marine life, letting the children help gather the fish and marine life collected in the net. There will be a large touch tank set up, for all to enjoy, with lobsters, crabs, starfish, baby tropical fish, etc. As we gather out catch, let our experts teach you about the tropical fish you can observe in our on-site holding aquariums. There will be organized regular scuba diving as well as designated tropical collecting areas.

The Diving/Snorkeling is 9:30am to 4:30 pm, and Seining starts at 11am in the shallows. We will have cookout food available from 11:30am-2pm ($7 per plate) Please RSVP for the picnic so we have numbers for food!

Butterfly fish

Never caught tropical fish before? Let our experts show you how.

All are welcome. Join us for a fun filled day!


Think BLUE this dive season! Join the NEADC in our Clean Up Each Dive campaign!
Pick up trash whenever you can both above and below water
At the picnic, bring along a bottle for free drink re-fills!


For directions or additional information, contact Joy Marzolf at We are also looking for volunteers to help out with the event!

Jonathan Bird's Blue World

An episode of Jonathan Bird's Blue World was filmed at the 2009 Tropical Fish Rescue. There's some great video of what the topicals look like underwater, and some of the techniques to catching them!
View the Episode


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